Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ode To Clint

Alright, the guilt has gotten the better of me, finally. I've been thinking about writing a blog for Clint for a couple weeks. Here's why:
While we were in Mexico, on Mon, Feb 4th, Clint was in meetings all day, and I just lounged around at the beach. But at dinner that night, around, 6:30-7 pm, it suddenly dawned on me: GASP "It's your Birthday!" I had actually forgotten my husband's birthday. Can you believe what a loser wife I am!?
I actually almost started crying, I was so upset. Clint thought it was hilarious!
So, to make it up to him, I thought I'd post my top five reason why I love my husband!

1. Patience. I've never met someone with more patience than Clint (except maybe his mom). He puts up with so much from me, and my emotions, and my temper. I have never, ever seen him lose his temper in the ten years that I've known him. I admire that about him.

2. Humor. I Love Clint's sense of humor. He finds humor in EVERY situation, especially when I'm mad at him...He always says, "Oh, your so sweet," a comment that is always dripping with sarcasm, but also calms me when I'm ranting and raving. He always makes me laugh, and I love him for it!

3. Intelligence. Clint is THE smartest person I know. He is so witty (that goes with his humor). He remembers everything, and has all sorts of information stored in that brain of his. He also knows how to talk to someone to make them see his point of view, no matter what the circumstance. He reads a book a day. He's my sexy Nerd.

4. Handsome. I am married to the BEST looking man on the face of the planet. No Joke. I have been asked by several people, male and female, if he models on the side (which is funny, because he doesn't like getting his picture taken). I think he is getting even better looking, as he gets older. Thanks for making me look better (or worse).

5. Tender and Sensitive. Those who know Clint are thinking WTH?! Well, I see a side of Clint you probably don't. He is always understanding (with a side of cynism) when I'm going through my drama. He is such a wonderful Father and is so sweet and fun with the kids. He is very affectionate and loving with me, and the kids.

Clint is the most wonderful man I could ask for in a husband. I'm so grateful to have him in my life. He is my anchor. If it weren't for him, our life would be so crazy they'd have to commit me. He keeps me grounded, makes me laugh, touches my soul, and I love him more than anything!

Happy Birthday Clint (belated)
I love you!


Shepherd Family said...

It's totally bugging me that I spelled "cynicism" wrong.
I am not stupid

The Motherboard said...

LOL! You totally crack me up! That was a very nice post!