Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ok---about the tattoo....
My friend Leisel and I got henna tattoos, as a joke, in tribute to our husbands' companies.
If you can't read mine, it says, "Contractors HVAC Heater Ho"
Leisel's tattoo says, "Mountain States Toilet Tramp" (Her husband James, runs the plumbing side of the company in the Layton store).

We thought we were might've had to be there to get it.

But there's your explanation!

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The Motherboard said...

I was wondering why you had HVAC HO on your back... I just figured you had a really wild past that you had outgrown! :0) That is totally something that I would do!
I am LOVING your new blog layout! It is eye candy for sure! I need to do some work on mine!