Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day?

So, I picked up TJ from preschool today, and asked him what he learned about.
He said, "I dunno. Some church guy. But it wasn't Jesus or the prophet. somebody else, but I don't remember."
So, I opened up his backpack, to look at his papers, and he had two little projects about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
So, I asked him "Did you talk about Presidents today?"
He said that was it.
I just got a kick out of his "church guy" comment.

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The Motherboard said...

That's funny! Thing 2 told me once, after primary, that he learned all about the dude standing on the wall waiting for the "a-lay-lee-ans" that were coming to take him away.
I wondered what church he had gone to that day! I did get your voice mail on where to go to change my template... I just haven't yet.
Thanks! I hope you don't mind too much if I copy your background. I downloaded the same paper!
I guess the best form of a compliment is being a big 'ole copy cat!