Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, I was just mentioning, last night, to my husband that I'm surprised that I haven't peeled with this sunburn (thanks to the Mexican sun). I guess, I spoke too soon. This morning at the gym, after working up quite a sweat, I looked down and noticed the tiny blisters all over my body. After getting out of the shower, I noticed they had all popped and started to peel. I should have known better, but to look at my face is disgusting! I'm a leper! It's hideous. I've decided white is good. The pastier the better.


The Motherboard said...

That looks like it really hurts! But, you have one HOT tattoo going on! I'm loving that! :0)
I have no advice on sunburns, I am whiter than Mayo!

Smith Family said...

Since when did you get a tatoo?

Peggy said...

I am so way jealous of your trip to cancun. But not way jealous of the sunburn!