Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade!

Today was KJ's first day of school! She was very excited, but also nervous. Last year she just thrived at school, absolutely loved it. So, I was surprised to hear that she was nervous. So, I asked her was she was so nervous about, and she said she is scared about eating school lunch, and science. I don't know where the science idea came from, but I understand the school lunch thing.

First of all, it's nast. But besides that, KJ is the pickiest eater on the face of the planet. She is strictly vegan. But, not on principle. It's just because she simply doesn't like know, like bread, meat, cheese, basically all foods, except fruit and vegetables....and chocolate milk.

So, today, I packed her a nice lunch sack full of rabbit food and sent her on her way.
We were running ahead of schedule, had plenty of time to kill, so I took her out on the porch for the annual 1st day of school photo op.

We were just getting ready to head out the door, when KJ comes running up to show me that her very, very loose haggle tooth...

...had finally fallen out! Right before we left.

So she had to run for the bus, but she made it and had a great day.

She didn't have much to say about it except that she listed the names of all her friends in her class, and was soooo excited that she gets THREE recesses!

She's come a long way in the last year.
Here she is on the first day of Kindergarten, one year ago.

Good Job KJ!
We're proud of you! You'll do great in First Grade!


The Motherboard said...

OMgosh! Look at how big she has gotten! You just don't realize it until you see the photos side by side!

I am glad snaggle-tooth is gone! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

WOW! look how much a YEAR has changed her!?!?! {kinda sad though...the way kids grow so fast!}

she is so cute! and it must be a time for losing son lost his first two teeth a few days ago!!! :)

Love Fam said...

Cute pics! She has grown a ton! That was a good idea to put both pics up, what a cutie and I can't believe first grade!! Awesome!

Nick and Stacey said...

I love to see all the first day of school pictures! They are all so darn cute! Its crazy how big they get in just one year! Also thank you so much for letting me borrow Tysons jacket, it was seriously a lifesaver! I also love the pictures of yours and clints trip, looks like fun!

Rebecca said...

How fun! Gotta love those first day pics. So friends 2nd grader lost his tooth at his first day of school also! It must be a 'growing up' thing.

Mikki said...

She is one hip, stylin' little girl. Cute pictures!!