Thursday, August 28, 2008

Throwback Thursday

It's been awhile since I've done a throwback Thursday. So, while I was searching for the picture of my Grandma yesterday, I found some fun pictures of me as a kid.

Since, its the first week of school, I thought it'd been fun to take a little walk down memory lane.

Here is a pic of me and my older bro, Josh, on my first day of Kindergarten, in 1983. His first day of 3rd grade. The one thing I remember about this day is that I loved my shoes, and I remember that my name tag was pink, and I like that because it was my favorite color.

I was born loving to perform. Here I am, on some stage we found on our drive home from visiting our cousins in Colorado, singing, "I love to walk in the rain" I remember this. I was 5, summer 1983.

I believe I was pretending to have "a baby in my belly," and fell asleep. I know....don't ask. I was a strange and creative child. 1983.

This picture is just too cute for words. Is it okay to call my child-self cute? That's not conceited is it? Christmas 1980.

Ever since my friend, Motherboard, did her post about Wonder Woman, I have been wanting to find this picture. She won an award for this post, by the way, so go read it. It's AWESOME! She is an amazing writer, and an even more amazing person.
My mom made this costume from scratch because she couldn't find a pattern. They didn't have the awesome pre-made ones at Target like they do now. Or if they did, we couldn't afford them. I didn't notice the difference. I wore this outfit til it was threadbare.
I totally idolized Wonder Woman when I was little. I loved to watch the TV show with Lynda Carter. I still love her.
My kids are way into supers, and a couple of years ago, we all dressed up as supers for Halloween. Once again, I got to be Wonder Woman. Here I am, as Wonder Woman, Halloween 2006.

It's funny because KJ was also Wonder Woman, and she was around the same age I was when I wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween.

KJ-Wonderwoman, Peter-Supergirl, TJ-Spiderman, Halloween 2006. Clint was Batman...too bad, he never let me take a picture of him.


Nick and Stacey said...

I love the Throwback Thursday, cute pictures! It is so funny that kj was wonder woman just like you! Also I like that you all dressed up as supers...SUPER Cute!

Peggy said...

I had to giggle inside when I saw that wonder woman costume. I have a very similar picture of me at about that same age wearing wonder woman underwear (top and bottom set). So funny. Thanks for sharing!

Smith Family said...

Your hair looks so curly in your school pictures. I love your throwback thursday pictures, its always fun to see them.

Mikki said...

such cute pictures. I loved looking at them all and reading your memories of them. Sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww....very very cute pictures!!!!