Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shep Family Reunion

We just got back today for our little family reunion. My husband's family does this every year.
It's not an extended family reunion where you go for an hour and sit and look at a bunch of strangers you may or may not be distantly related to, eating potluck dinner with 70 bowls of orange jello salad, and a little hoagie with nothing by mayo and cheese, because by the time you got up in line, all that was left was some mystery meat that Great Aunt Edna made, and you can't be completely sure that it wasn't her cat she cooked up and served.
(for the record....just so I don't offend any of my extended family, I do NOT have a great Aunt Edna, and the food at all of our family reunions is delicious!)

No, this reunion is just with his parents, grandparents, and siblings. It's so much fun!
This year, we went camping up at Pineview, rented waverunners, and had a great time swimming, camping, gettin' dirty, playing with cousins, and just takin' it easy.

Let me tell you, there is something about being in the mountains that just rejuvenates the soul. I have always LOVED being in the mountains. LOVE it! Growing up, all of my family vacation were camping. I grew to absolutely love it. I love nature and the outdoors, swimming in the lake (I definitely prefer this to the pool), hiking, etc. I love it all.
And holy cow, you should've seen the sky and the millions of stars. I wish I could've somehow captured the stars with my camera. It is AWEsome!
Ok, can you tell, I'm feeling a little bit better than last week? I think taking a few days off to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy myself really helped. Not to mention it reminded me what a super hunky-hunk my hubby is!

Here are some fun pics!

Here are Clint and TJ on the waverunner

KJ in the water

Cousin RE


Cousin RM

Look at this guy! Seriously, he has to be the hottest guy EVER! This picture totally could have been taken straight out of a magazine. But, no, I took it. And he is ALL MINE!!

Cute Peter!

Cousin JJ



Uncle Dave & Cousin BM

My other very handsome boy

Grandpa Jim & Uncle Dan

Me & Peter on the waverunner

All the cute girl cousins, playing in the sand

Cousin TJ (not to be confused with my TJ)

Cousin DK

Cousin NJ

It's really exhausting play that hard all day!

Sorry there are so many pictures. I just couldn't decide!



Looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!

Isn't Family Fun THE BEST?!?!!

Mikki said...

Looks like you had a great time. That's good. It's nice to get away from all the craziness of the normal world. I love the mountains. Thanks for the plug. You have two entries now. Good luck.
PS Your hubby is cute, but it's not surprising because you look to be pretty gorgeous yourself!

The Motherboard said...

Did you know i have never been on a jet ski. Never. It looks like tons of fun! And, i agree with mikki... You are hot! :>)

Barney Family Blog said...

That looks like a blast!! I miss summer trips to Pineview. I think every time I read your blog it makes me feel homesick.(sigh!)I'm glad you had fun though!
Are you over your mocus yet?

Love Fam said...

That looks like so much fun, and you deserved the break! Way cute pictures! I'm glad you got to relax!

allthingsiannone said...

Hey Sherri I think you have our old blog I did a new one. looks like you had a great vacation! See you soon.