Friday, August 29, 2008

Random 10 Friday

Warning: Random thoughts ahead. Process with caution!

I always like to blog in the morning. While I eat my breakfast. TJ & Peter are occupied at the kitchen counter eating breakfast, KJ if off to school, and I have a few minutes of sort of quiet (other than TJ trying to pour his milk into Peter's cereal, Peter screaming because she dropped her spoon, oatmeal in someone's know, the usual stuff).
It sets a good tone of time-wasting for the rest of the day. I'm really good at that. I like to put off my housework until the very last second, and then complain to my husband about how I didn't get anything done. The truth is, I really could get my house clean in probably an hour. Why I put it off, I don't know. Probably because I HATE Cleaning so much.
It's not really the cleaning I actually hate, it's the idea of it. Especially when I let it go a couple of days, and it's really, really messy. It's a very overwhelming feeling looking at a huge mess, and wondering where to begin. Once I get going, I get in my rhythm, and I can get done pretty fast.
I should start thinking about cleaning, the way I think about running.


I'm planning on doing 20 miles this Saturday. The idea at the beginning of running 20 miles is pretty daunting. But once I take the first step, actually make it through the first mile (that is still always the hardest mile), then I get in my groove, and before I know it, I'm done! And I can brag all day about how I can't walk down the stairs because I ran 20 MILES!!

I'm still going through kind of a mental funk about my 2, yeah, TWO marathons coming up. When I ran Ogden, I was so excited, and a little awed about the idea that little old me (or I...whatever, English teachers...) could run a marathon.
(By the way, before I "dropped out" of college to focus on my career as a housewife, my major was English. You'd never guess now, would you?!)
Ok, back on topic. Yeah, I still love running. I hate the heat, and I am VERY excited for Fall, and for the weather to cool down. I hate getting up in at 4:30 in the morning. But I still do it. I do love the new friends I've made in my running groups, and I love going to races.
I prefer to train in the winter. I actually LOVE running in the rain or snow! It's so beautiful and refreshing to me. Not the ice, though. That's way too scary. I might slip and fall on my arse.


I've decided that maybe I should have a nickname for my hubby, you know to protect his identity. I decided that since I'm going to be rich and famous one day, there's really no need to change my name. I'll be a household name pretty soon anyway....Hee, Hee!
I've gone over in my head all the my usual nicknames for him; Honey, babe, dear, CLINTON (when I'm yelling at him), Captain Erotica.
Sometimes, when I'm really mad he just gets called "KJTJTPETECLI..OHWHATEVERTHEHECKYOURNAMEIS!"
Actually, everyone in my family gets called this name on occasion.
At any rate, none of these names seem to be appropriate for the blog.

So, I need your help. Help me come up with a clever nickname for my hubby.
To help me you need to LEAVE COMMENTS!

p.s. this is really just an excuse to get comments. I thrive on comments. I'm so obsessed with them, that I find myself checking my email 20 times a day, hoping, waiting for comments.

By the way:
Random 10 Friday!!!!!

1. Sola - Monica Naranjo
2. I'm Not That Girl - Kristen Chenoweth (Wicked)
3. The Day that She left Tulsa (In A Chevy) - Wade Hayes
4. On the River - Sherrie Shepherd (fancy that--I promise this is legitimately random)
5. Feel Your Love Tonight - Van Halen
6. Hold On - Sarah Mclachlan
7. Night to Remember - Shedaisy
8. Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
9. As I Am - Miley Cyrus
10. Only Time - Enya

Bonus: You Really Got Me - Van Halen (this song still reminds me of Sanjaya)


The Jensen Family said...

Sherrie, I always love your throwback pictures! They are adorable! I understand you thoughts about cleaning. I get frustrated trying to keep my house clean. Once I get everything in order Ava just destroys it anyways! It's a never ending battle! Nickname for Clint...??? I'm not sure I'll have to keep thinking about that!

Smith Family said...

What about Bill? Didn't at one time we used to call him that? Because of Clinton? Anyway, its the first thing that came in my head.

The Motherboard said...

I love Van Halen. They rock!

Thanks for going with me today!

Anonymous said...


i love your RANDOM FRIDAY!!! i have got to add you to my HOMEGIRLS blog list!!!!!