Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do As I'm Doing, Follow, Follow ME

Many of you have discovered that new little feature that you can put on your sidebar.

I discovered it. I'm following a lot of you.
But, I want you to follow ME, too!

Click on it to follow me! And if I see your picture over there, I'll come over and follow you, too!
It's over there, on my side bar, under the picture of Jesus.

I put it here strategically, so we can all remember to also follow Him.


Mikki said...

I love that you put that under the picture of Jesus. Very cool.
Hey, I'm a follower.
Now, I think I might go put mine under a picture of big brother too. Great idea!

Motherboard said...

Just one more way to feed my addiction! :>)

Jan said...

There Sher. I hope this makes your song all worth it. Do as I am doing. Love it.

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

What a nifty idea, under Jesus' picture!

wonder woman said...

it's fun to gather a following. =D

--I'm diggin this enrique iglesias "somebody's me"

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You've actually been on my google reader list of blogs to check, but this is better. So I'm following you now! But I'm not sure if you can follow me if I have not figured out how to put that thingy on my side BAR. I'm still resting my brain from my challenging blog-overhaul :-)