Monday, September 8, 2008


I have always loved the Fall.
The change of the seasons, the weather getting cooler, the crisp air, the spicy smells, the harvest, the beautiful colors of nature, the hint that the holidays are on the their way.
I have always loved canning tomatoes, or corn, or peaches, or grapes with my Grandma and Mom and sisters. I loved to go on walks in the brisk cool air, in the evening, or going for drives in the mountains to see the trees as their leaves change with the season.

Fall was by far my favorite season....

for the past 10+ years, Autumn has brought on a whole new meaning.

Now, instead of looking forward to fall, it comes upon me, finding me in a state of dread.

Only one thing could cause this much anxiety.



Ten years ago, I met my husband. It was summer, and we spent a lot of time together. We spents hours together by the pool, stayed up late into the night, just to talk, went to concerts, went camping. Monday nights we made a tradition of getting pizza and renting a movie. Then as August neared it's end, and the impending fall approached, the true colors of my summer romance unfolded.

I discovered that my true love was none other than.....

....a football fanatic.

So now, from the months of September to February, I am alone. Left to bask in the glory of those sportsless summer days, longing for the first signs of Spring.....the first signs that football season is finally over.

I am a football widow.

So, instead of spending our Sunday and Monday evenings, going for walks, driving in the canyon, looking at the lovely fall colors, teaching our children about nature, talking about the Gospel, reading our scriptures, every Family Home Evening is spent in the basement. In front of the TV. Watching Football.

I have become accustomed to taking my Sunday nap to the tune of football noises in the background. It's like hypnosis. If football comes on....I suddenly become tired, and I just can't seem to stay awake.

And the last couple of years, it's gotten even worse, with this new Fantasy Sports craze. So, now, I can't even cuddle with my man during football games. My spot his been so insenstively replaced by his laptop.

I have been shoved into the #2 position by a freakin' computer, people!

As we speak, my man is downstairs, catching up on his games, making sure all his players on his "team" are doing well, so he can get the most points. That about as much as I can understand. Beyond that, I'm as clueless as I am about the actual rules of football.

Don't get me wrong, I truly support my husbands addiction...ahem, I mean, hobby. And I really do enjoy going to live games with him. (Because of the people watching opportunities)

So, I have a new favorite website. WAFS. Women Against Fantasy Sports.

Seriously go check it out. It's like a support group for sports widows, like me.

Except yesterday, my husband asked me if there was a HAB support group. (Husbands Against Blogging). Ha Ha....he's cute and funny!....

So, I ask you. Are any of you out there also mourning football widows?


Mikki said...

ah yes! Football season. My hubby is a diehard cowboys fan. Unfortunately, he'll watch regardless of who's playing. Ah well, at least I have the computer.

Anonymous said...

HA HA! This is so funny Sher! I love the way you wrote it :)

and i have to REJOICE in the fact that Spencer doesn't really like sports!!!! YIPEE KI YAY!!!

BUT....he loves this video game called FORZA. it is a racecar game....when he gets to play he will stay on FOREVER!!! So i try to make him avoid the X-BOX at all costs!!! If i see him "eyeing" the X-box, I will do something crazy like start singing a silly song really loud and dancing all crazy and the kids will start in & then he will too! Yeah...he THINKS i am just trying to have FUN....but i am actually just trying to keep him off that game!!! Cuz he will play for HOURS!!!

he even took it with him to Iowa.

Jan said...

You are too funny. I luckily have a husband that is way to busy to watch sports. So I don't have the noise. My boys who are moving back home, are not into it either. But, I do feel your pain. Occasional Cage fighting is on. I feel your pain. Hang on tight and use his charge card for relief.

Jessica said...

Of course you know Nate isn't a big football fan. It was funny when we got married because I grew up watching football and I liked it. I mean not to the point where I had to see every minute of every game.

I always thought when I was younger that one day my husband would appreciate the way I liked sports. Then I found Nate and he didn't care at all! Now after 3 years I hardly watch any sports. Sometimes I miss it but I'd rather Nate not like it than love it!

Mark said...
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Heidi said...

I hear you about the whole football widow AND fantasy sports thing! I'm glad I at least enjoy watching games and understand what's going on. But watching it all day long, UGH!! Mark's comment to me just now was, "I don't spend THAT much time on it, (pause) I'd like to . . ." He's probably right. It could be much worse! Thank goodness for the DVR, so we can at least fast forward through commercials, etc.

Smith Family said...

Finally someone who feels my pain! I have to agree with you ever since fantasy football came around it the football watching at our house has gotten a lot worse. I really don't understand how these boys can watch game after game after game after.........and you know what I mean. I will have to check out that website.

Nick and Stacey said...

You crack me up! I was laughing the whole time I was reading this! I must be one of those lucky few whose husband is not involved in football. We watch it, but he is not obsessed! I am so sorry for you! I do hear from many other that it is pure craziness! Anyways I feel for you! And also I love your Friday post...soooo funny also! I feel the same as you, two hours of complete silence sounds fabulous, except I think I would just sit there, and get nothing done! You are amazing, I don't think I have ever got that much stuff done in my whole lifetime!

Sher said...

Ok, I have to say it because I've been thinking it ever since I posted that WAFS picture.
The guys sitting on the couch looks exactly like a boy I dated, my sophmore year in high school.
I think one of the ladies who started the website is from SL, so could it be him?

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Oh Sher,
I feel your pain! But only because my 28 year old daughter is married to a football crazed man. AND on top of that he is already getting my two grandsons in on the football action! My poor poor daughter. I am happy that she has lots of friends! I will have to tell her about this online support group!
My husband doesn't like watching sports he'd rather do them~

I do hope you make it thru this season and can get back to your hiking and hanging out by the pool together season! :) Until then you have us here in blogland! :)


Sue said...

I am SO GRATEFUL that my husband isn't into sports. He likes skiing and running and hiking and THAT'S IT.

Also - I just wanted to say - believe me, you do not want to learn the organ from me. I TOTALLY SUCK.

Queen Elizabeth said...

BTW - google Chrome is a web browser... a very fast web browser.

Dixons said...

Amen, sista! You and I live in the same world. Too funny. I'm lovin' this website. I'm tempted to get a shirt. I totally feel the same way about the fall. Each fall, as the drafts begin, I wonder, how many fantasy football teams can 1 guy have!?? I'm always amazed at how real these guys think their fantasy football world is. Sigh....