Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today, was my first day home alone. EVER!
My two little monkeys TJ & Peter started preschool today. I had 2 1/2 hours of time to myself.
Complete Solitude.
It was wonderful!!!
The only problem is that it went by so fast.

But, I didn't curl up with a book, or go back to bed.
I got sooo much done!

So far, today, I have done:

  1. Ran 9 miles

  2. Took a shower, and got ready (yes, that IS an accomplishment)

  3. Dressed and fed the kids and got all of them off to school ON TIME!

  4. Picked up the drycleaning

  5. Returned some shirts at Kohls

  6. Went Grocery Shopping (and was shocked at how much less I spend when I'm not buying "treats"

  7. Folded 2 batches of laundry, put the 3rd batch in the dryer and started the 4th batch in the washer

  8. Took out all the garbage

  9. Made all the beds

  10. Cleaned up the garage

  11. Sprayed Febreeze everywhere (because i dont' know why, but my kids' rooms STINK!)

And I did ALL of this before 11:30 when I had to pick up the monkeys from preschool. I am so proud of myself.
p.s. I'm also proud of myself, for not spending the entire two hours blogging.

I could totally be done for the day, and be satisfied. But, alas, I am not done.
We still have to go to karate, soccer, volleyball, make dinner, and then start over and do the whole thing again tomorrow.

p.s. Here are some cute pics of the TJ & Peter for their first day of school!

TJ--doesn't he look handsome? Here is TJ on his first day of school one year ago. 3 years old

This Peter on Tuesday, on her Orientation Day.

This is Peter this morning. She is very proud of her pink cowgirl boots.

Here is Peter one year ago. 2 years old. Yes, she still had her "nummer." Thank goodness, we finally got over that addiction!


Mikki said...

Cute pictures! I'ts amazing how much they grow in a year. Will they be going every day, or just a few days a week?
You certainly got a lot accomplished. Wish I could say the same.

Smith Family said...

Cute kids. Isn't it nice to have a little time to yourself? I got so much done the first day Paityn went to school and have slowly got less and less done each day? Maybe I was on a kids in school high at first that has worn off, anyway, I'm sure you are loving that time to yourself!

MBWheelwright said...

ha! so cute! your kids are so fun and cute!

Andrea said...

Your kids are cute! And I love the pink cowboy boots, I always wanted a pair when I was little.

The Jensen Family said...

I bet grocery shopping without monkeys was sooo nice! They look so adorable for school. I hope your head is alright after that tile incident! :)

The Motherboard said...

Grocery shopping sans kids is blissful!!

Jen K said...

I guess I should clarify... they've never seen me freak out in a hurt way. I freak out on them all the time in a different way :)

Rebecca said...

Laundry folded, grocery shopping done? I'm most impressed with getting the beds made! Seems so pointless sometimes, even when I hear my kids say, "why do we have to make ours when yours isn't made" which I answer "because I'm not playing with my friends today". Just need to make sure it's done before girls nights.

Holly said...

That must be so exciting! I have soooo many years before that happens! I haven't looked at your blog forever! You have done so much in your life! I am going to email you because that is exciting about your CD.