Friday, September 19, 2008

Random 10 Friday

I think Friday is my favorite day to post. It's a great to excuse to expunge all the total, complete randomness that is in my brain. I love it!

Here goes:

I drove past a store yesterday, on the way home from karate. On the sign out front it advertised: "Smokes, Gifts, Hookas"
Ok, I'm not hip on the jive, and all that, or whatever that means, but what the hell are Hookas?
My first impression is this: is that gansta talk for hookers? Is this store advertising prostitution right out in plain view? In Zion?
I know I live in my naive little happy Mormon bubble of simplicity.
Anyone care to enlighten me?
Lobster farts are THE stinkiest, rankest, reistiest, nastiest smelling farts EVER!!
Do Lobster's fart? Seriously?
No, I mean after eating Lobster....duh!
I discovered this after making Lobster-stuffed Ravioli the other night.
Yeah, I know! I'm soooo gourmet! I have this very special secret recipe, too.
I slaved for hours on end to cook this delectable meal.
Do you want my recipe?
OK, I'll jump on the "share your latest culinary masterpieces on your blog" bandwagon and share.
Step 1: Go to the freezer.
Step 2: take the package of premade Lobster Ravioli off the shelf.
Step 3: Open the package.
Step 4: Pour the contents of the package into a pan of boiling water.
Step 5: 4 minutes later, put the Ravioli into a fancy bowl, and take all the credit!
Whew! That was really, really hard. I'm exhausted just thinking about all that hard work!
About the Lobster Ravioli. You may know by now that my KJ is the world's pickiest eater. She's straight vegan, won't touch any kind of meat or bread....eats strictly rabbit food.
Well, guess who ate the best on Lobster ravioli night! You guessed it!
I was so proud of her! I'll definitely be making that again!
Yesterday, while the monkeys were all at school, and it was just me and my sweet little niece playing, I decided to go out on a huge limb, and NOT throw away my black bananas.
Instead, I made banana bread. From Scratch! For reals!
Yeah, me!! (said in my best London Tipton voice)
Motherboard taught me how to use my little "post ahead" feature on my blog. And I am loving it! I already have all of next week already all done! Maybe this will solve my blogging crisis. That being that I cannot seem to get off my computer to save my life (or my children's lives for that matter). I think the only problem with the post ahead think is that I will write all these different posts (I've been using it for all my tags, so I can do it and save it for later), and then will come up with more stuff to write about.
You know me....lately instead of everything in my brain coming out my mouth, it all comes out my fingers. (On the keyboard! You know...typing! What were YOU thinking, you perv!)
I don't know where the italics are coming from. That certainly is NOT me! Could my crazy lady be trying to sneak out of her hiding place?
Not today, crazy lady. NOT TODAY! If you even try, I'll go run 26.2 miles! That's stop her!
Oh yeah!
On a more serious note.
Here's an update on my little music career progress:
I have been writing letters to record labels trying to get "discovered". One responded with a very polite, "No Thank you" One came back return to sender, no such address. What is that all about?
So, I've resorted to sending messages to everyone I can think of on Facebook. So far, I've begged for help from Kurt Bestor, Michael McLean, Marvin Goldstein, and Kenneth Cope. I'll be writing to a few more tomorrow.
Greg Simpson was my seminary teacher in high school, so I'm also trying to get a hold of him, too.
Speaking of music, it's random 10 time!!
1. Every Time You Say Goodbye - Allison Krauss
2. I've Got a Crush on You - Sarah Vaughan
3. We are the Champions - Queen
4. Otro Como Tu - Eros Ramazotti
5. Lay All Your Love on Me - ABBA
6. Have you Ever Been in Love - Peter Cetera (back in the day this was me & Clint's song)
7. Blood and Fire - Indigo Girls
8. Five Dollar Fine - Chris Ledoux
9. Swingin' - John Anderson
10. I Could Write a Book - Harry Connick, Jr.
Bonus: Midnight Bottle - Colbie Caillat


Motherboard said...

Way!To!Go! I love the post ahead thinger for that very reason... it frees my A$$ up from the computer! :>)

Hookas? They are bongs. You know. For pot. Niiice.

(Not that I know this from experience! Cause I don't. Lets be clear! Its all thanks to!)

Motherboard said...

ps.I have Frumpy's address if you want it...


HA HAA!!! this is the NEW SIDE OF SHER!!!! :)


hookas are for smokin the Wacky Weed!!! whooo kneeewww!!?!?! peace out.


i love your random 10 music list!!! you rock Sher!!!!


lobster farts??? yuck-o!!! hahaaa!!!

Sher said...

Ok, if hookas are for smokin' pot. Isn't that ALSO illegal?
You'd think they would be selling those in a dark room in the back of the basement.
Am I really THAT naive?

Andrea said...

I am all about the easy meals. Thanks for the advice.

Untypically Jia said...

Thanks for stopping by Modern Molly Mormon, and no, we do not have a Musical Molly yet.

Jessica said...

I've passed by that same store and had to take a double look. I had no idea what a hookas was either but thanks to your blog I've now been educated!

wonder woman said...

I was pretty sure "hookahs" had something to do with abusing illegal substances.....shame. =D

I love the kidisms you have on your sidebar! They are hilarious!

And I think egg-farts are the worst I've ever smelt, but I've also never eaten lobster. I may need to try your recipe sometime!!

And it sounds like I need to look into post ahead....

wonder woman said...

And I'm totally going to look you up on facebook!! Not that I'm ever on there anymore, since I discoered blogging, but still.

Nick and Stacey said...

I love your recipe for Lobster Ravioli...I need to try that sometime! I have Bananas going bad..I too need to make Banana Bread! Since this is a Random ten...I have a random ten song for you. When you spell Banana do you have to sing that Gwen Stefani song? I pretend it says it's! haha!

Sher said...

I guess I'm just an old fogie, and totally behind the times, but I can't figure out what Gwen Stefani song you're talking about.
What's it called?
Maybe you should just call me and sing it for me!!

NICHOLS said...

You gotta love the stinky farts - a little revenge on the spouse! You are pretty witty I have to admit! I love your recipe- it sounds like something I could do! Cute halloween page by the way!

Mikki said...

Love your random ten. So funny. I'm not a lobster fan myself, but Jon is--now I have one more reason to NOT allow him a trip to Red Lobster--his egg farts, and the guacamole ones--already bad enough. Good luck with the music!!

Jason Elphick said...

So, I have a picture of a hookah--They look like a genie bottle with a hose running out of it. You just smoke flavored tobacco and such. They are huge in the middle east, but you dont see them much in the states. I'll find you a picture...I had some friends in Afghanistan try it out on leave in Qatar...