Monday, September 1, 2008

This Just In....

The Blue Man Group has recently add a new member to it's team!

My yet to be nicknamed hubby and I were downstairs watching a movie on Saturday night, when TJ came down to show off his latest "artwork."

I laughed so hard, and he was so proud of himself I just had to take a picture.
Then, I went upstairs, to discover that not only had he painted himself (with my acrylic craft paints, no less).
He had also painted the counter, the floor, the wall in four different rooms, my entertainment center, and today I discovered, that back of my computer chair.

This, after I discovered this week, that they had broken the frame on my couch from jumping on it too much, and nails were literally sticking out the back of it. My hubby cut a hole in the back of my couch to remove the nails, so no one would get hurt on them. The same couch also got "painted" by Peter with fingernail polish.
All of this happened in one weekend.

Remind me again why I WANTED to have children? Seriously.

And yes, we DID threaten to make them sleep outside in the backyard like an animal if they didn't start respecting MY stuff!

p.s. the contest is till going on! I've had some great suggestions so far! If you haven't had a chance to enter, make a comment. I'm going to keep the drawing open until I feel that I have sufficient comments to boost my self esteem.
But I think I'm going to add to it. If any of you have any great ideas for a cover for my CD, or know a really good photographer, who can take a sexy picture of me for cheap (ahem, motherboard, hint, hint) let me know!

nnnkay?? (as quoted by Peter)


Mikki said...

aren't kids just great? We had to paint over some of Ashley's wonderful artwork on a bedroom wall. And Haley managed to get permanent marker on my brand new dining room table. grrr!

The Motherboard said...

I was thinking "aww. isn't he sweet? he's gonna have a blue face tomorrow for school..." then I kept reading and was all "holy cow! That boy is lucky Sher didn't kill him!"

Here's to school starting tomorrow!

And I'll take your photo... if you really want me to

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness....there was a lot of paintin' going on!!!!

I think you handled it well.....i think i would have cried!!!!

ha ha!!!

and to answer your question on my blog: That was the Mesa, Arizona temple that we got married in. :)

and YES.... i do work out my arms doing push-ups...It helps my boobs to not get saggy, too! That is really the main reason for them. But they work my arms and upperback, too. :)

Anonymous said...

oh more thing.... if you want to use the little "MORMON MOMMY BLOGS" button that i made, I will have to email it to you because I have like a "page protector" on my blog.

OR I can even make one that is more

anyway...just let me know if you want it to say that or if you just want the one that i already made. :)

my email address is smljcall (at) hotmmail (dot) com.

Nick and Stacey said...

I am so sorry! I hate those days! And I think our kids get confused...because we are so mad, but taking a picture at the same time! One day Mitchell got into my make up base...used it as lotion, realized he couldn't get it off his hands, rubbed it on my vanity chair, on the carpet, and then the bed! Yep that was a great day! I keep telling my self...we all will survive! And as for your new CD yeah! I am so excited about that! But no nicknames...I am no good at that sort of thing! Maybe a name of the guy from his favorite movie? I don't know!

wonder woman said...

I am SO glad to know that I'm not the only mom whose kids make messy, unbelievable messes. Though I think the worst my kids have done is ketchup and sunscreen. I don't own acrylic paints....not very crafty like that.

So more nicknames.... Mi Amor...sweet sugarloaf....Mr. Snugglepants....The Boss Man....My Helpmeet....The Baconator ('cuz he brings home the bacon)...ooh, this is fun!!

Brother Wonderful. McDreamy. McSteamy. McLovin. McHusband. My Main Squeeze. Mr. Funnypants. Hubba Hubba Husband. Mr. Handyman. The Candyman.

Okay....These are just getting weird. But maybe they'll get your creative juices flowin'.

p.s. I know a great phtographer who's not exactly cheap, but she's INCREDIBIBLE.

Smith Family said...

Wow Sherrie, you've got your hands full with that kid of yours! I think I would have not been in a rational state of mind to take a picture. He does look cute all painted blue!

The Jensen Family said...

That is so funny! Seriously kids keep life interesting to say the least. I think it's great that you can laugh about it! By the way, Ava loves to come to your house. Thanks so much for taking good care of her!

Sher said...

Just for the record, I took the picture when I thought that the only thing he painted was himself. I thought, no harm done.

I freaked when I saw everything else, painted.

Troy said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the picture of Tyson. He will make a great addition to the blue man group. Your blog is really nice, I didn't know you had a link to my blog that is really cool. I am just getting started on all of this stuff. Well talk to you later.

Natalie said...

I've always said Tyson and Jayden could be twins. Not only do they look a lot alike, but they act alike too. We had just moved into our brand new house when one day Jayden walked into the house and was covered from head to toe with red oil based paint. I, too thought that he had just painted himself until I went outside and discovered that he had painted the gargage floor, the RV pad, the siding, Aarons truck and Elizabeth. Jayden came close to dying that day.