Saturday, September 20, 2008

Top of Utah

I did it. I finished that damn marathon. I hurt all over.

I was feeling pretty dang good about myself for about 18 miles, started to slow til about mile 20, then hit a freakin' wall. I totally walked at every aid station.

The last 2 miles KILLED me. I kept thinking, "Why do I put myself through this? Remind me again, why I wanted to run a marathon? No, 2 marathons? Crap, I have to do this again in TWO WEEKS!"

It was really, really hard. But, I finished. And I didn't exactly kill my last marathon time, but I beat it.

4 hours, 15 minutes. Okay, I'll take it.

Oh, but the scenery. The beginning of the race, up the canyon was so beautiful. I love the fall colors. The weather was perfect! It was cold, but not too much. It rained at mile 23, but felt very refreshing.

My goal for St. George is under 4 hours. Maybe now that I've done 26 miles, it won't be so hard.

Thanks to my awesome friend, Annette, for getting up at 3:30 in the morning to drive to Logan with me, for motivating me to go faster than I've ever run before, and for dragging my A$$ when I wanted to stop.

And, I took three GU's. I think that's what got me through. GU is nasty, but effective. I discovered the Orange flavor. It's better than some, because it's not so sicky, sweet like the Vanilla or the Chocolate. Plus, it's got the much needed caffeine.

And can I just say, Orange slices in the middle of a race are the best darn things EVER!

p.s. Thanks to my sweet hubby, for taking me out to Tepanyaki tonight (my favorite restaurant EVER) so I could "reload" my 3000 calories I burned today. And for being patient with me, and going to slow, while I hobbled around.

Did I mention that I hurt all over? I dread tomorrow. It will hurt more.

I need to take an ice bath.

Ok, I'm just rambling, because I'm so freakin' tired.

Why am I still up? I don't know.....

Goodnight, Everybody!


Mikki said...

Dang girl!!! Congratulations on finishing it. I can't even imagine how wiped out you must feel right now. And again in two weeks? Are ya' nuts? LOL
Good luck on that one too.

Jan said...

Wow. I can't believe that you have that much ambition. You go Sher. And keep us informed. We love running through you and not really with you :) You are doing a great job.

Motherboard said...

You are amazing! WAY TO GO!

Motherboard said...

Ps. My BIL took 72 out the whole race... that's pretty good right?!

I would have been dead last. Emphasis on the DEAD part...

Queen Elizabeth said...

Good for you girl. I think you're N-U-T-S for trying (but inside, I'm insanely jealous). Running ain't my thang... (don't tell my jr. high track coach that --- ANYTHING to get out of school!!!)

Angela said...

Wow - congrats! That's quite the accomplishment, especially since you endured the pain to the end!

I was hobbling around yesterday, but not because I ran a marathon... I ran around the park with my dog - man, am I out of shape!!!

wonder woman said...

A lady in my ward had a daughter run that marathon--I thought of you today when she talked about it. Congrats on finishing!! And on burning 3000 frickin' calories! Holy CROW I should run a marathon!

Natalie said...

Way to go SHer. I envy you.

rsnarr said...

Way to go. You're getting to be too fast for me now. I don't think I could stick with you for the first 5K of a race any more.

Kristen said...

Great work! I think the same darn thing every time I run a marathon...why do I do this? I hate this, I will never do another marathon again...then I cross the finish line and can't wait for the next one. Rest up and I hope to see you in St. George.

Dixons said...

Are you kidding me!? After being pregnant and not working out forever, I think I'll die the first time I run a mile, let alone a marathon! Way to go!! I'm so impressed! We'd love to get together. I'll email you!

daisy said...

Hey Sher, Good Job on TOU! I can't believe you are doing St. George in two weeks. You go girl! I found this powder drink mix I swear by. It prevents muscle damage and helps rebuild your muscles. I drink it for all my runs over 10 miles. My first marathon I was not sore at all! I even was a brides maid at a wedding that night, on my feet for 4 hours. This marathon a little sore but not much. The drink is Endurox. You can get it at Bikers Edge but I found it cheaper on Amazon. Just a tip from one runner to another. Good Luck in St. George!

Chad & Tenaya said...

Congratulations! It is so exhilarating to finish a marathon. I am jealous and can't wait to get back into it, even though I know it hurts! It is worth all the pain. Good luck on St. George. That is my favorite race. Be prepared for all the down hill - if not you will really hurt. Have fun and take it all in.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

How did I miss all this? I thought I put you on my google reader! I must make sure you are on it.
Hey congrats on running the marathon. Girl I have no idea how you swallow that GU! It does work but you are right it is nasty!
I love when they give out chicken soup too. I'm with you I liked the oranges!
I love that you are running these marathons then posting about them. It brings back wonderful memories for me!
I can't believe you are turning around and running another one!!!!
Though I do have a friend that runs 50-100 mile races-Just plain stupid (I'm laughing)
Take Care,

The Forney Four said...

BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! well done to you, you cute thing!! I'm so proud of you. Gosh, doesn't it feel soooo good? honestly, it's the best feeling. I didn't wake up sore yesterday or today. What about you? how you feelin'!!??? CONGRATS!!!