Friday, September 12, 2008

Mrs. Shep Goes to Washington OR Random 10 Friday

"I'm nothing special. In fact I'm a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke, you've
probably heard it before. But I have a talent, a wonderful thing.
'Cuz everyone listens when I start to sing. I'm so grateful and proud. All I want is to sing it outloud.

So I say, Thank you for the music!......"

I love that song! If my life were a musical, that song would probably be my theme song. And of course, it's by ABBA. My fave! I went out with a bunch of my cousins this week and saw Mamma Mia for the 2nd time. This song comes on during the ending credit. We were the only group in the theater, so I stood up and belted it out at the top of my lungs. There is nothing better than singing your heart out. Who needs therapy when you've got music?


First of all, let me just say....THANK YOU!!!! For all the comment love. If I had known that talking about the bathroom would generate so many comments, I would have started talking about it forever ago. 19 comments! That's more than I got for my CD giveaway (should I take that as a hint?) Now I know that for those of you who get 50 comments for every post, you're thinking, what's the big deal? Well, 19 people reading what I'm writing, and commenting on it, is HUGE for me! Now, maybe I can pretend that I'm kind of, sort of, maybe, a little bit popular.

p.s. Thanks for all the great bathroom cleaning tips. I'm gonna try that next spring....when I clean the bathrooms again.


I've been told recently that I just say what's on my mind no matter what it is. This is no secret. I have no filter. And I guess I tend to offend people. Not intentionally. It's like this. Me thinking and talking is a little like eating and going to the bathroom. Sorry, for the disturbing analogy, but that's how I roll. Everything that you eat (goes into your body) comes out, in some way or another.
Well, everything that comes into my mind, comes out my mouth. EVERYTHING. I can't not talk. It's virtually impossible. My dear husband has learned to just tune me out (I think). The problem is that I am a very visual person. When I think, it's like I'm watching a movie in my head. So when I try to put those thoughts into words, it doesn't always translate exactly. So, sometimes, it just doesn't come out right. And I'm often misunderstood. So, if what I'm saying just sounds like total psychobabble. It's probably just not coming out how I pictured it in my head.


Tomorrow, my hubby and I are off to Washington, D.C. Yeah! It'll be a quick trip. Just for the weekend. We are way into politics. We are going just to be around all of the presidential mumbo-jumbo going on before the 'big election'

AH, HA hahahahahah!!!!! *Snort* Oh, you thought I was serious?

Umm, No.

Really, the only thing on the agenda is to go see a Redskins game. Have you read about who my hubby is in the fall?

Yeah!!!!!!!................for Clint.

No, really, I am excited. Last Fall, I went to my first NFL game (Chargers vs. Colts) in San Diego and it was AWESOME!

Clint is a diehard Redskins fan. He has loved them for his entire life. So this is like his dream come true. I'm so happy that he finally gets to go see them live, in their own stadium.

It's a little hard for me to go all the way to DC without seeing any history, but he has promised me we'll go back there someday and do all the history stuff.


Sorry, this post isn't very funny. I'm just not feelin' it today.


Here's my list....of music

1. Something Bad - Idina Menzel (from Wicked)
2. Still Holding Out for You - Shedaisy
3. I'm Sensitive - Jewel
4. I Saw the Light - Wynonna
5. Bigger Than Us - Hannah Montana
6. Contradiction - The Kinleys
7. Patience - Guns N' Roses
8. Gravitational Pull - Chris Ledoux
9. Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
10. High Enough - Damn Yankees

Bonus: Love is Here to Stay - Harry Connick, Jr.


The Motherboard said...

Thats what I love the very most about you... you speak your mind.

Me too. that's why we're friends!

Angela said...

I love reading your rants and all, almost more than you love getting 19 COMMENTS! Congrats on such a feat! I think the most I've ever received on one blog post is... a measly 5. Dang, I need to get to work! ;)

Have a great weekend in DC! Sounds like a blast.

Smith Family said...

Wow, another trip? You guys sure stay busy! Have fun!

wonder woman said...

19 comments is a HUGE deal!!! Congrats.

I love your music "Too late to 'pologize" just came on. I'm singing along and groovin'...and I can't type and sing at the same time. I LOVE that SheDaisy song, too. Love it. My life is also set to music.

I am just BARELY learning how to filter myself. I still take a breath and open my mouth, but luckily the filter starts to kick in about then. When it works. Still very sporadic.

When you talked about being into politics I was like, "Huh? I don't think she's talked about one thing political...." then you confessed that it was football. I'm sure you'll have a great time!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

p.s. i saw that you and i both thought the same thing on JAN's blog...about the LATEX MATTRESS!!!

great minds think alike!!! ☺

Mikki said...

I love ABBA--I've got to go do the singalong one. What a great concept. Of course, I was totally singing along to the non-singalong one--right into my daughters' ears--poor kids.
I wouldn't worry about the filter thing--i haven't been offended by anything you've said, in fact I find your manner very refreshing. So, kee up the good work. I hope you enjoy the game--I think those tings are always more fun in person--as long as I can find the refreshment stand that is! :o)

Mikki said...

Guess what? I just got home from work, and went and checked the mailbox (forgot to check it earlier) and your cd was in it! yay! I am going to listen to it on my way to work in the morning. ;o)

Jessica said...

Have fun! I would love to go to a live football game!

Nick and Stacey said...

You are so gang funny! I love it! Have fun at the game! WHat a nice wife!

Jodip12 said...

Dang, wish I was tagging along at that singalong. I missed out! Love that you are going to DC, even if its for a football game. I did join fantasy, just so I could enjoy the games more...I like to have something on the line so I can cheer on something!

Anonymous said...

hey Sher...i deleted my first comment cuz i didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings that might read it...ya know? but i know you read it & know what i mean!!! :) ♥

i am just like you in the fact that i say what i am thinking {or in this case i TYPED what i was thinking} and sometimes it comes out wrong & some people might take it the wrong way....but i think you know what i meant :)

ha ha!!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I like that ABBA song, too! I didn't quite sing in the theatre like you did though. I can't sing that's why! Anyway, if you buy the sound track that song is also there but it's not on the list. You kind of have to wait after the last song ends, then all of a sudden after minutes of dead air that song starts playing.

Ah, so you are one of those who speak their minds. Well, it sounds like you and I could be friends if we lived close to each other. I have many "Come back, Mouth!" moments. Soemtimes my mouth just runs away rom me :-)

Little Miss said...

Sherrie! You are a riot! I have missed my little blogosphere and reading/catching up on your life has been fun. You may have just pulled me out of my blogging funk (we'll see)

I'm listening to your music right now. I forgot what an amazing piano player you are! I'll need your cd, my kids listen to music every night while they sleep and I'm always looking for new material.

p.s. reading your blog reminds me of why were such great friends once upon a time...I'm so glad to have found you again!

Mother Goose said...

I have found someone just like me! I have tons of psycho babble and I too play things out in my mind and sometimes they come out garbled in voice. or I will be thinking about something and then just spout out a question or words and Mr. Incredible has no idea, what the heck I am talking about and then I get mad at him for not following, hello! stick with the program!

then I realize, "oops, my bad"

ps. found you through saucy moms!