Thursday, May 8, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Ok, I'm going to try something new today. Last week, my friend, the motherboard, started something on her blog called Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday she will post pictures of her past. I thought I'd start that today, and share a little bit of what made me...Me.
Since this week is Mother's Day, I thought I post some pictures of me as a baby, and of my Mom. Mom must've always been the photographer back in the day, because I couldn't find any pictures of her. So, I'm posting a picture of my parents and my in-laws at my wedding, because I really appreciate my mother-in-law, too.

Except, I tried just taking pictures of my old pictures and they didn't turn out so well. Oh, well.

So, here is it:
Throwback Thursday 1978 edition

This is newborn me. March 1978

Me, 6 months old

1 Year old

I love this picture of me and my Mom. We were camping somewhere, I don't remember. I think this was in 1993

My Dad and me in 1978. Check out those sideburns!

My parents and Clint's parents at our Wedding.

I had to throw this picture in because he looks so darn cute. This is my little brother Spencer. Since I talked about him yesterday, I thought I'd put this in.
Doesn't he look like he came straight out of a Normal Rockwell picture?


Peggy said...

Aaaaah! What a cutie pie you were!

And I am so with you on the whole rain thing. Everytime I get ready to plant something the weatherman predicts a storm. Urgh.

And Amen about American Idol. Seriously. How can you forget the words at this point in the game?

And I've got a running question for you. When do you run in relation to eating? I went after breakfast the other day (usually I run at night) and thought I was going to throw up. Sorry, long comment. :)

Shepherd Family said...

I HAVE to eat before I run. I have to have something on my stomach at all times or I feel sick. What did you eat? Maybe it was what you ate, or you ate too much? I usually just have a bowl of cereal, or a banana and slice of bread, or if I'm really in a hurry, a slimfast shake. But if you're eating a whole of bacon, eggs and hashbrowns, yeah, you'll probably get sick. I'd eat that after the run. ooohhh, an omelet sounds really good right now...

amberlynn said...

I love this Throwback Thursday! It is so fun to look at old pictures! You always were a doll! Love ya!

The Motherboard said...

You were/are a beauty! I totally dig your Dad's sideburns! They're hot!

I'm glad you are doing Throwback too! I have had so much fun messing with my old photos and remembering with them!

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