Thursday, May 1, 2008

TJ Scissorhands

What am I going to do with that boy? I thought we'd had a pretty good day yesterday with TJ. He was sooo good all day. His sensei at karate even said he was the best he's ever been and is probably ready to test all the way to his blue belt! I was so proud!
So we were sooo close to the day's end. We had pajamas on, prayers were said, and the kids were "supposed" to be in bed. It was about 9:00. All three of them snuck into the living room, and were messing around with my piano papers and stuff, when TJ found (you guessed it) the scissors.
Just a note: I'm pretty sure that TJ has a sixth sense that he can sniff out scissors from a mile away. I hide them in the most obscure places, up high, deep in drawers and he still finds them. I had a pair of scissors in my filing cabinet at the bottom under all the files. He found 'em.
As I may have mentioned before, TJ has a thing for cutting. In November he gave Peter a mullet by cutting off her pony tail, he's also cut the pull cord on my blinds, the mouse pad (see last week's post), his clothes, his sister's clothes, name a few.
So last night he cut his shirt, KJ's pajama shorts, KJ's hair, Peter's hair, and his own. He cut his own hair so close to the scalp, we had no choice but the shave him bald.

So, there it is. My little bald boy. If you thought his head looked big before, wait'll you see him now!


The Motherboard said...

I totally feel your pain! My thing 3 has a love affair with scissors too! She actually cut her hair too... and you should have heard the scream come from this house! Horrid!Bald looks good on Tyson! Not so good on a girl! :>)

Shepherd Family said...

yes, I'm glad he didn't get that close on the girls.

amberlynn said...

Ah yes, I was the kid who cut my sister's hair, the dog's hair and my hair. I got in sooooo much trouble. I was banned from scissors because I just had to cut things!

Barney Family Blog said...

Tyson loookg good with a buzz. Did he cut very much of Kennedie and Bailey's hair?

Smith Family said...

I get a kick out of your blog. Seriously, your kids keep me entertained with their tricks. Luckily he is a boy. When Paity cut to the scalp she just had to suffer with a really bad haircut.