Thursday, May 29, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Yes....I did survive the weekend without my husband...barely. Now, I'm trying to survive this crazy last week of school. Poor KJ. She is so over-scheduled right now. She had so many activities back to back yesterday, she came home at the end of the day yesterday, sobbing, hungry, and exhausted. I don't blame her. She had karate practice, then a dress rehearsal for her choir, then a dress rehearsal for her dance recital back to back. She didn't eat anything after noon until she got home from her rehearsal at 8pm. Poor girl. We will definitely be taking it easy over the summer. Her dance recital is tonight! (Look for pictures, there will be lots!!)
After her recital we get to go to a Bees game with Clint's work people (obviously because of the recital we will be going late) TJ is excited!
I also have a piano recital on Saturday, so it's been crazy trying to get everyone in for a lesson after no lessons on Monday, and no lessons tonight (because of KJ's recital) Everyone else is crazy busy this week, too.
I don't know what I was thinking scheduling a recital the last week of school...duh!!
I will NEVER do that again. For next year, I'm thinking I'll do the recital at the end of April and then just take the whole month of May off. How nice does that sound? I really think that May is more crazy busy than December.

Ok. There's my gripe for the day.
p.s. I may have sold my van....keep your fingers crossed for me.

For Throwback Thursday, I going to go Waaaaaayyyy back to Saturday, May 17, 2008. I know....FOREVER ago! I finally got the pictures from Zazoosh from the Marathon.
Bear in mind, this is really embarrasing for me. There are so pretty dorky looks on my face with I run. Plus, again, I don't pick up my feet. I never realized this until I see pictures. It's weird. I think I actually, literally glide when I run. How I haven't fallen down is a mystery to me!
I'm just guessing, but I think this was around mile 16-18? It looks like it's still in the canyon. The scenery was so beautiful. I've been thinking about going back up and driving the course and taking some pictures.

This was on the running trail in downtown Ogden behind the Dinosaur Park. The last stretch! Mile 22-23, where I realized I was actually going to finish this crazy race, and got emotional.

Wow! She looks really tired! I'm not sure she's going to make it...

Getting ready for my sprint to the finish line. Check out those leg muscles! That makes it all worth it.

At the finish line! I did it! It's over! I survived! Hallelujah!


Peggy said...

Awesome pictures of the marathon! I'm jealous of those leg muscles!

Sorry, but I don't have Twilight 2 and 3. Wish I did!

Circe said...

Congrats on the marathon! Mean music teacher? Is it you? :) We have flute, violin, guitar and cello players around here, but no piano. It's my fault. I failed at it as a kid and have deep-seated animosity toward the piano. Anyway...good luck with the end-of-school recital!