Monday, July 21, 2008

Belt Ceremonies & Grandma Love

TJ & KJ had their belt ceremonies today. TJ skipped a belt and got his blue belt, and KJ got her brown belt.
We are so proud!

I forgot my camera for TJ's belt ceremony so I had to take pictures with my phone. Not exactly the best quality, but some cute pictures anyway.
TJ's sensei is so cute! He has so much fun with the kids. I think he is the reason TJ likes karate so much!

KJ with her sensei. She is probably the most strict of all the sensei's down there at the dojo, but she is also very good. Doesn't put up with any CRAP, but look at how far KJ has come, and how much she's learned! I really think it's good for her to have to something that's hard for her. Builds character...she might hate me for it now, but she'll thank me later. You know, when she's a tough Kick-A** kind of girl! (Like I always fantasize about being, but think it's too late to anything about it).

Afterwards we had a birthday party for my Grandma Love. This is a 4 generation picture with KJ, me, my Mom, and Grandma Love. I wanted to have Peter & TJ in the pic, too, but Peter was diving into a piece of chocolate cake at the moment and couldn't be persuaded away, and TJ was MIA (probably out riding the 4-wheeler with all the other boy cousins--and I have to take advantage of every chance he gets to play with boys).

Happy Birthday Grandma


NICHOLS said...

You are so smart to get this picture of Grandma! You all look alike and so cute. Good Job!!

Smith Family said...

Cute picture, I feel bad I couldn't come, sometimes it would be nice to live closer.

Sher said...

I wish I had been able to get a 5 generation pictures. I found out KJ was a girl the day that Grandma Ruth died.

Natalie said...

This is a great picture of all 4 of you. We are so lucky to have family so close