Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TJ's Belt Test

TJ had a belt test for Karate this morning. He did so Awesome! I'm so proud of him! Karate has been sooo good for him, to help him focus, and for the discipline, and for his confidence! He has his yellow belt now, and today he tested for his Blue belt (that means he skipped the orange belt) I'm so proud! His Sensei (teacher) is so great with the kids. He's so much fun, has a ton of energy, but really tough on them too, which I think is great! Here are some cute pics!

And a video of him breaking a board! So cool!


Spence said...

Oh no! My own nephew can beat me up!
Hey how do I get my playlist onto my blog?

NICHOLS said...

Was karate good for him? Would you put him in it again? I have debated doing something like this for my boys but I don't want them to really know how to beat each other up (if you know what I mean). Let me know your opinion. Where did you take him to?

Meldrum Mob said...

He looks so darn cute!

twice as nice said...

Hey sherrie,
your blog is so good, what a darling family!!!! I put your family link on my favoite bloggers also. I am glad you found ours!!!
I will have to learn from you cause your blog is really cool, and I'm just a beginner, but it is really fun!!!
Have a great day----Kristen