Monday, July 28, 2008

KJ's Super Cousin Sleep Over Extravaganza!

Last week two of KJ's cousins came over to sleep over. They played non-stop from Sunday to Wednesday! Sunday night they slept over at KJ's cousin's house, then Monday night came to our house and slept over until Wednesday, then went back to her cousin's for her 9th birthday swim party.
They had fun swimming, playing dress-up, doing perler beads, watching movies, and even had a little spa day. I got to paint all of their fingernails and toes.
They also had a blast getting teased relentlessly by little brother, TJ the whole week!

The things I've learned after this experience:
1. Girls really do know how to have fun!
2. Little brothers don't mix with girls' sleepovers.
3. Three's a crowd.
4. 6-yr-olds can be really, really ornery after 4 nights of sleep-overs.
5. I'm not going to have any more sleepovers

for awhile.


The Motherboard said...

Thats funny. I felt the same way last week after my 10 children week.
Oye vey!

atsimms said...

We also had a sleepover not too long ago, that made me decide sleepovers are a thing of the past in our household. Funny how that happens. At least it looks like they had fun and they will have cute pictures to remember.