Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Look, Mom....

This is what I discovered Peter, my three-year-old doing last night. She was trying on my bra. And when I was walked in she said,
"Look, Mama. I got Bobo's."
Bobos? That's a new one. Actually this isn't the first time. She does this all the time.
It seems there is some fascination in 3 year olds, and that particular part of the female anatomy.

When KJ was three she often said to me, "Mama, I want to have big Apples like you."
Apples! Ha! I guess there is some sort of resemblence to apples.

When TJ was three he asked me, "Mama, what are those bumps on your belly?"

So, there you have it.
Apples, Bumps, and/or Bobos.

Who knew kids were so observant and creative?
Maybe I need to start wearing baggier shirts?


Jodip12 said...

Ha, that is funny. Carson has no idea what Bobos are right now...he's never had the exposure:) And hopefully keeps it that way for 30 years! Thanks for the blog award!
A Bears game would be worth going to Chicago, but it gets freakin cold here in the winter so make it a fall game!

Elizabeth said...

That is so funny! Your kids are very creative, and observant! I love the look on Baylie's face, Natalie does that all the time!

Ross and Lea Belnap said...

Oh that is so funny. I CAN wait till my little girl gets older. Beau had surgery to adjust the muscles in his left eye. They have a name for it I just can't remember. Later Lea

Rebecca said...

You are so funny! I'm glad you found me. You've got some fun reads.

Stacey said...

I think this is so darn funny! I have yet to get any questioning...but I can feel it coming!

P.S Why Peter?

P.s.s I love the High Fives...instead of comments!

Spence said...

Geeze sheri, What are you teaching you kids! Just kidding