Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its doe Fud Being the Bob and being Sick!

Did you understand that? Me neither. Probably being my nose is so stuffy that I can't pronounce anything. Everyone I have talked to on the phone has said, "you sound like your sick."
Well, that's probably being I am.
I started getting a sore throat on Thursday night, and it progressed into a full blown (pun intended) sinus infection. Blehckqg! Sorry, I had to huck up some junk. Oh, what, does that offend you? You don't like to hear about my snot? Well, FYI, I complain A LOT on this blog, so get used to it!
Yes, I'm in a very, VERY foul mood.
For the last week, I've been lying awake at night, tossing, turning, waiting, searching for the elusive sleep that never comes. It's been very hard to find these days. It could have something to do with the fact that I CAN'T FREAKIN' BREATH!
I was so exhausted all day yesterday, that, last night, in desperation, I took matters into my own hands. What, you don't think I'd something so drastic as to take some hardcore drug like Ambien, do you? NO WAY! I'm not some pill popping addict. What did you think I am? NO! But, I was desperate enough to take some Nyquil. I HATE that stuff. What was I thinking?!!
Have you ever seen that cold medicine commercial where they show the people with their heads blown up like balloons, attached to a string and floating above their bodies? Yeah, that's what Nyquil does to me. It is also a trigger for RLS. You know, Restless Leg Syndrome. So, my head is floating away, my legs are walking away on their own, and I'm left with this nub of a body.
I woke up this morning in a complete daze.
Sadly though, I'm not sure if that's an effect of the Nyquil, or from my whole face being clogged up like an over-filled helium balloon, that's ready to explode!
Needless to say, I feel like crap. My kids are officially up for adoption to the highest bidder, or for sale to gypsies, or whoever wants them.
I'm taking the rest of the day off.
Crap. I can't. We drove back and forth to Karate twice today, and I'm making dinner for my sister-in-law because she had surgery yesterday, and apparently surgery is a bigger deal that a cold.
Who knew?
And, I'm tending my baby brother all weekend, while my parents go on Trek!
My life is so full.

Ok, I'm out.


Circe said...

I had that cold. There's no rest for the weary when you're a mom! My phone # is 726-8685 about the violin. I'm bad with email. I may be taking students on Saturdays, and there's another teacher in my shop in Kaysville who is taking students and is fabulous. Call and I'll give you her number. Oh, and you'll probably need a smaller violin. I can look at it and your son. Good luck!

Nick and Stacey said...

Oh man I hate being sick! I am so sorry! At our house we really like Tylenol its this blue stuff in a little pudgy bottle! Anyways good luck with everything! Sounds like quite the week! Its the worst being the mom and being sick!

The Motherboard said...

Are you still sick? I'm sorry! My offer for very large coke products still stands...