Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oklahoma Highlights

Speaking of being long-winded, I hope you have a few minutes because this will be a long one. I wanted to report about our trip to OK last week, and thought I would just break it down day by day. I took a million pictures, so I'll try to keep it down to just the highlights.
Ok, you already heard about day 1. That was quite the adventure!

Day 2 (Sunday)

We went to church with Kris and Ty and their family. I finally got to meet my friend, Shannon, face to face. Shannon grew up in Edmond, OK, with my sister in law, Erin, and now she lives in Enid in my sister, Kris’s ward. We got to know each other through blogging, and finally met face to face this week. It’s weird to think that this was the first time we’d met, since I feel like we’ve become good friends through blogging! I was going to get a picture of her, but never did.
But, here are some fun pictures of me and Kris, and the kids.

Day 3 (Monday)

Monday morning, we got up and decided to go see the “train park” in Enid. They were supposed to have this little train the kids could ride. We got there, and it was closed. So, we went to Leonardo’s, the local Children’s museum. Kris even went to the Enid city Chamber of Commerce to get me some free passes. We got there…and it was closed. I guess they’re not open on Mondays. So, we went home and let the kids swim in the little wading pool in the yard. After lunch, Kris took me on the Vance Air Force Base, and we went swimming at the Base pool. TJ, my little fish, had such red eyes from the chlorine when we got home, that Uncle Tyler had to give him to eye drops.

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tuesday, we tried Leonardo’s again. This time it was open! It was fun for the kids! There was little booth that simulated the wind strength of a tornado. It scared the kids, but Kristen and I had fun with it. Outside at the museum, there was a little play area with an area the kids could play in the water. It was fun for the kids, and there was a photographer there from the local newspaper taking pictures of us. Kris and her baby, got on the FRONT PAGE of the Enid paper! I guess there’s not much news going on in Enid.

Kris--she's Special

Day 5 (Wednesday)

Okay, maybe it was Wednesday that we went to the Children’s museum. I’m getting my days mixed up.
Anyway, Wednesday night we went to see Dr. Barney. Kris’s husband is an optometrist with the Air Force. It was fun to have him check all of our eyes.

Day 6 (Thursday)

Thursday afternoon Clint flew into Oklahoma city, so the kids and I drove back to OKC to pick him up to the airport. Then we went to Bricktown and ate “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar” restaurant. Then we drove into Edmond, and stayed at my sister in law, Erin’s parents house. It was really nice of them to offer their house for us. Kris and Ty met us later that night and stayed with us.

Day 7 (Friday)
4th of July

4th of July morning we got up and went to the Edmond city parade. Shannon’s hubby, Ryan, got up really early in the morning to save us all a spot. Thanks, Ryan, that was so nice! Plus it was an awesome spot with a great view, and in the shade! After the parade, we took the kids to a little swimming/water park called Pelican Bay.
Afterward, we ate at a little Mexican restaurant, and went to UCO to find a spot to sit for the fireworks. We got there around 8:30, thinking we’ve have about an hour before the fireworks started. They didn’t start until after 10, so the kids were so ready to go home before they even started.

SM and KJ in their matching dresses

My sister, Kris, is so beautiful. She should be a model.

All the kids at the parade: TJ, KJ, SM, JR, LC (Krist's kids), RB (Shannon's daughter, not pictured is her son, AB), and Peter

Hey! Who spiked the coke?

Day 8 (Saturday)

Saturday, we decided to take it easy, and took the kids to the park to play. Kristen and Tyler head for home, and Clint and I took the kids to see “Wall-E.” It was so cute!

See? I told your there were a lot of pictures!

It was great to catch up with my sister, and spend time with her family. There is something about getting with my sisters that brings out my silly side. It was fun to goof off with Kris, and let loose a little.
Thanks, Kris for letting us come stay with you!


Angela said...

Sound like you guys had a fun week and a great 4th! I always have a love/hate thing going on when it's time to come home... I love to come home and get back in the swing of things, yet hate to leave the fun behind and face responsibilities again.

boltfamily said...

It was so fun to meet you!! Seriously think about running the Route 66 in November!! It would be so fun!

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness what cute pictures! You guys looked like you had so much fun! I love the picture of all the kids laying down in a circle, how did you get them to do that? That tornado thing looks awesome! Love it Kristen! I am glad you guys had such a good time! Sounds busy, but always fun!

The Motherboard said...

Go Bricktown! I've been there LOOOVVVEEE it! That bar is awesome!! It looks like you had fun! Did you LOVE Edmond? Not to mention OKC? How fun!

Barney Family Blog said...

I need to get copies of all the pics you took.I am so glad you guys came and I got to spend time with you and your kiddos.Thanks for making the trip.

The Jensen Family said...

I love all the pictures! What cute kids and sisters. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The tornado machine looks like a lot of fun. I really like the picture you got of Kristen in there.

Ross and Lea Belnap said...

Hey I don't mind at all if you add our link to your blog. It looks like you guys had so much fun on your trip. How could you not have fun with Kristen right. I miss her so much. Tell her we say Hi and if she comes again she better call.