Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy, Busy....

I know I've only missed one day of blogging, but it feels like I haven't posted in like for-EVER, because we've been running around like crazy so much.
I missed Throwback Thursday. I know you're all sooo dissappointed. Yeah, I like to do it, but not this week. Sorry. It'll be back again. Maybe life will slow down after school starts. Wait. Didn't I say that exact same thing 2 months ago? Do you find yourself saying things like this? Maybe life will slow down I stop working and start having babies..., when the baby starts sleeping through the night...,when the baby starts walking..., when the baby gets some siblings to play with...,when the kids start going to school, when school gets out...,when Summer starts,...when......
I admitted to my Mom yesterday, that I've decided life was soooo much easier when the kids were babies. Yet, I just can't quite bring myself to go back into baby mode and have another one. Ok, there are pros and cons....that's another topic for another day....

Yesterday, after our last day of swimming lessons (sorry, no pics, forgot the camera), we picked up Uncle Charlie (my 11-yr-old baby brother) and went to the neighborhood pool. No surprise there.
Then my super awesome Mom came to pick him up and took all the kids home with her. So, in anticipation of my over-worked, and well-deserving husband going away on a little golfing boys weekend, I went and got a pedicure, got my little tootsies painted really cute, and then went shopping.
That little time out was just what I needed to make it through the weekend, husband/fatherless.

This morning, in lieu of running, the kids and I got up to go to our little stake Yoga class, only to get there and find out they didn't have it today. Bummer. (At least that got me out of bed before 9:00)
My sister's husband went on the boys' trip with Clint, so she came up today, and we all went to Lagoon. I love Lagoon! It is seriously my most favoritest place on earth! I mean, everything about it is so absolutely fabulous. You know, like how the tickets to get in are so reasonably priced, and the grounds are so impeccably clean, and the people around you are so clean cut, and friendly, and don't stink like cigarette smoke AT ALL, and it's never hot or muggy, and the lines are never too long, and every ride is soooo fun, and always working perfectly! And my kids NEVER whine or complain while we're there!
Plus, I always feel great when I get home, you know, like running a marathon!

So, after a fun-filled day at Lagoon, we left and went straight to karate for KJ's belt-test.
She tested for her brown belt. Because this is such a high belt, we were there for a LOOOOOONG time. I could tell she was soo tired, but was trying her very hardest.
We're so proud of her, and how hard she works. It is seriously so impressive that she can remember all that stuff, and she's so good at it!
I LOVE watching her with her Bo Staff. It's sooo Bruce Lee!

This is one of the many mischevious thing TJ & Peter were doing during the belt test. Sitting under the table (pay no heed to the ladie's rear end in the corner of the picture)
They were sooo naughty. Little stinkers!

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Jen K said...

Where do you take your kids to Karate? I've been looking into a place for my little guy..