Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New background....again

Yeah, I changed it again. The last one was cute for the 4th of July, but it was just too hard to read with the stripes. I'm hoping that is why NOBODY is commenting, and not because you all are bored with my long-windedness.
Seriously, it ANYBODY reading my blog?


The Motherboard said...

I read your blog. Religiously... I think your funny.
I REALLY like your new background. Its furry. (Said in my best napoleon dynamite voice)

The Motherboard said...

go register on technorati... and mormon blogs, and ldswomenblogs... that helps bring readers in!

Shepherd Family said...

Thank you, Motherboard. You are always good at making me feel better!

The Motherboard said...

I like your new blog title too! catchy! I am going to copy your Jesus button. It's kewl. (aren't a dorky with my teen talk?)