Thursday, March 12, 2009

8 things Tag...

I was tagged by my friend, Mikki. Here you go:

8 Favorite TV Shows:
The Unit
The New Adventures of Old Christine
American Idol
Gary Unmarried
Rules of Engagement

----8 Favorite Restaurants:
El Matador (but I haven't been there in years)
China Hill

------8 Books You'd Recommend:
Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
Velocity - Dean Koontz
Creepers - David Morrell
A Thousand Splendid Suns - Kalhed Houssini
First Blood - David Morrell
These is My Words - Nancy Turner
The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch/Jeffrey Zaslow
Tower of Strength - Annette Lyon

-------8 Things That Happened Yesterday: (this won't be accurate because I'm posting ahead)
Ran 6 miles
Grocery store
drove KJ to her choir practice
Went to my brother's violin lesson with him because I'm his accompanist for a competition this weekend
Picked up kids from Mom's
Made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner at 8pm

-------8 Things to look forward to:
my children miraculously figure out how to clean up after themselves, and my house staying clean
my CD release
The kids to be old enough to do their own laundry
the backrub my husband will give me tonight when he gets home because he knows and appreciate how hard I work.

---------8 Things on my wish list:
A flask. (I'm not going to explain because it would make a great post by itself)
Grand piano
washboard abs
bigger boobs
a trip to Italy
more time in the day
to be rich and famous

--------8 Things I love about Spring: (I changed it from Fall to Spring)
Warmer temps
new growth
budding leaves, flowers, bulbs
The END of winter
Finally, some sunshine
My birthday
Anticipating Summer

8 People I tag:
Whoever wants to, I know this one has gone around a lot, if you haven't done it, feel free!


devri said...

So just to be sure...

Do you like Tempanyaki?

YOur too funny.. I can't wait for your cd release either.

Annette Lyon said...

I was about to say what Devri did.

And holy cow, woman! I'm kinda shocked (but so pleased and flattered) that I'm on your list.

Tink said...

Love your list! And I could totally relate with your wish want big boobs too ;0). Sounds like you fell in LOVE with Hawaii!

Kristina P. said...

I too was going to say the same thing as Devri! I haven't been to Tepanyaki in ages!

SO said...

Looking forward to the flask story.

AS Amber said...

Let's go to Tepanyaki! It's one of our most fave places to eat!

Jo said...

Let me guess, Tempanyaki is your favorite?? I like China Hill too! Enjoy HI. I am jealous.