Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food Diary Journal, Day 1

Don't Judge me, okay? I've been so stinking tired lately, and feeling like a such a loser, I decided I needed a detox. A sugar detox, that is. So earlier this week, I binged on everything sweet I could get my hands on. Then yesterday, since it was the first day of the month, I decided I would start a little challenge for myself.

I also joined my friend, in a little health challenge. It's not a weight loss challenge (although I joined one of those, too, a month or so ago--but it's not really helping me get motivated). Actually, it's a contest with points for not eating sugar, not drinking soda, extra points for exercising. That sort of thing. That contest doesn't start til next week though, so this week is like my primer.

So, yesterday, I decided I would do a little detoxing fruit fast. Basically for two days, I eat nothing but fruit. At the end of the day, I wrote down what I ate, and counted up my calories.
No wonder I was so stinking hungry!

Here is my food diary for July 1:


Raw Almonds


tomato, green pepper, onion,
pineapple, balsalmic vinegar,
olive oil, parmesean (grilled)

Calories Fat Sugar Carbs
475 22.9 41.9 68.8

Ok, so I cheated a little and ate some vegetables. But, I was hungry, and they were sooooo good.

Today, I decided I need to add some bread to the mix, because I was almost nauseous during my run this morning because I was so hungry. I probably have already eaten more calories for breakfast today, than I ate all day yesterday.

But, the good news is I've lost 1 pound. Hopefully, as I ease more food back into my diet, I can keep it off.

So, would anyone like to join in the challenge? If so, let me know, and I will email details.


Annette Lyon said...

If I weren't oh, writing a chocolate cookbook, I might join you. But I have taste test everything. Not exactly conducive to this kind of diet! Good luck. (Not that you need to lose weight.)

Sarah said...

OK OK send me the info.... I guess.

The Garden of Egan said...

Sherie, I love you. I would give you a kidney. I would give you my first born...OK so she's 30 but you can have her. I will NOT give up my sugar. Sorry, I'm evil and will rot in that hot place, but please I am begging you for all that is holy, don't ask this of me........(sobbing here)

Kristina P. said...

Less than 500 calories?!?! You will go into starvation mode!

Jessica said...

I think Nate and I need to join your contest. Except I can't do the exercise thing for a few more weeks. Going off of sugar would be a good though. Although I did that before and didn't lose any weight. I must have compensated with chips or some other junk food.

Missy said...

Wow! I am interested! I have been dieting for four weeks and haven't lost a pound! I am doing something wrong! LOL
Missy at

Peggy said...

No stinking way. I like sugar too much. And meat. And bread. And well, food in general. But good luck to you!

Kado! said...

If I cut out sugar from my diet...I might actually starve.

=) I would eat fruit all day long though....that is still my kind of Sugar!!

2busy said...

Good luck! Try as I might, I can't give up sugar. We have to have some least I do...

Melissa said...

I love you and now I am frightened for you.
First carbonation (gasp), then sugar (double gasp)
and now less than 500 calories. FOR A RUNNER?!?!?! (double, wheezing gasp)

Don't make me drive up there and kick your ______. But it sounds like I need to drive up there and feed you.

Really. I'm not joking. Nor am I judging (I know the weight/health feelings), but c'mon now friend......

DeNae said...

Yeah, I'm kinda in there with Melissa. The last thing I want to do is discourage you, but are you sure this isn't just a teeny, tiny extreme? Where are you getting this bizarre body image from, Sherrie? Detox all you want, but for crying out loud, be careful with the whole "gotta lose weight" dealio. It's called dysmorphia, and it's dangerous.

Love you!

Terresa said...

Detoxing is awesome, something I think I should do more. One of my gf's does 'em all the time and comes away from the experience cleansed and happy and light.

Way to go, girl!

Jo said...

I think a detox fast is a good idea!

Kasha said...

I should totally join you! That all looks pretty tasty actually! Way to go! I love your blog and I am totally inspired. Please stop by and check out my blog sometime. If you would consider adding my humble blog to your amazing blog I would be so grateful! Thank you so much!

Becca said...

I am impressed with the dedication and the ability to stick with it. Just be careful! And what the crap is Squaw Bread?

Jami said...

You are so brave! I stand in awe. Really.

Dede said...

You know what, I would love to join in on the challenge with you...I don't know if I can do it as successfully as you have so far, but I desperately need more energy. Count me in, and email me the details!