Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Sherism, and random Tunes

Well, the title doesn't actually say Random Friday anymore. And who cares, anyway? You know I don't stick to schedules very well. You can really tell, if you come over to my house, and see the chronic disaster area that exists. Hazmat came, took one look, and said screw this and left. It's THAT bad. I'm sure it might have something to do with the fact that it's freaking summer, and I'm on entertainment committee burnout. I'm freaking tired of going to Lagoon, and riding Puff over and over again. I don't mind going to the pool, but I'm good after about an hour. Besides, some dumb-A broke it yesterday (that's what you get for swimming on Sunday people!), and now it's closed.

I'm just glad my kids aren't total losers and they have friends to play with. Kids going to friends house to play= very happy Mommy.

I did discover this morning, that my kids are much more obedient and responsive to cleaning assignments first thing in the morning, BEFORE the TV gets turned on. Before 11 today, all three of my kids cleaned their rooms, made their beds, and emptied the dishwasher, before going out to play. I'm so proud!

Well, I had a whole bunch of stuff going around in my brain last week, but the weekend was pretty busy, and I didn't sit down to write it down, and it's gone. Things don't usually stay in there for very long. My thoughts only have about a 24 hour shelf life before they just disintegrate.

I do remember thinking about writing something about my dad's unusual use of common ordinary household words in place of expletives. This is pretty funny, and if I stubbed my toe, and yelled out "GARBAGE TRUCK!" you'd all probably think I was crazy. But, my siblings and I are so used to hearing my dad's zany outbursts, we don't even think twice. That's usually what my dad says, if he's frustrated about something.

I did find it pretty hilarious though, when after taking an advanced Spanish class in college, and dating (and eventually marrying) someone who spoke Spanish fluently, I learned a few, uh, Spanish swear words. And discovering that one line that my dad said often for years, while we were growing up, that apparently he picked up from some of his bilingual coworkers, was something along the lines of f-ing bi*** goat with Tabasco thrown in somewhere.

Imagine his astonishment, and embarrassment, when I finally told him what it meant, and that he'd been saying that in front of his kids all these years.
I love my Dad. It's fun to see my brothers talk just like he did when we were little.

We took the kids to the drive-in on Friday night. I love the drive-in. I just love being outside. It's like an adventure. The feature we picked was G-force for the kids, followed by the Proposal. I was excited to see Ryan....I mean the movie again. During the first movie, since it was Pioneer day, there was this awesome fireworks show going on in the distance right next to the movie screen. It was fun to watch. Unfortunately, it started raining right at the beginning of the proposal, and we would've just gotten in the truck to watch, but we didn't want our new giant LoveSac to get all wet, so we left, and saw a seriously amazing lightening storm on the way home. I wish I'd had my camera.
Saturday night I had the pleasure of playing for the Miss Roy pageant. Anyone who knows my knows I'm not big on beauty pageants, but it's a gig and I had fun. Plus I sold some CD's, and got some exposure. And I bought a fancy new dress and some seriously sexy hooker heels to go with it. I should've had C take a picture of me, because I was smokin'! Not to brag or anything, but it's fun to play dress up sometimes.


I going out of chronological order, since this post is turning out to be a this is what we did this weekend post, but whatever. I'm going in order of what I thought of first.

Thursday night, we went the the Bees game. I took some pics with my new camera of the fireworks show afterward.

Cool, huh?!


I'm in mourning today.
Because I jacked up my knee a couple of weeks ago, and I kept running on it. And I went out to do my long run on Friday morning, and was walking within 2 miles. Then, my pride got the best of me, and I cruised down a big hill for about 2 miles, then I bonked. And my knee hurts so bad, I'm limping even when I walk.

So, I'm mourning, but I'm probably not going to be able to run this week. And I'll probably turn into the crazy Bi*** because of it. I need my run to be happy. I just do.

So, this is probably my last post for the week. We have a family reunion this weekend at Crystal Hot Springs. We get to camp AND swim! I'm excited!


Alright, I downloaded some new stuff this week. But not much:

1. 42 - Coldplay
2. Nothing in Common - Thompson Twins
3. Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty
4. Private Life - Oingo Boingo
5. Solitude - Sherrie Shepherd
6. Prelude - George Winston
7. Like Whoa- Aly & AJ
8. Vulture - John Mayer
9. Hamburg Song - Keane
10. Waiting for Yesterday - David Archuleta
bonus: Dancing Through Life - Wicked


Kristina P. said...

You need to take care of yourself! Don't hurt your knee!

And is Ryan shirtless in that movie? If so, I will go to a matinee tomorrow.

Dede said...

Ooh, I hope your knee gets feeling better! That sucks. The pageant sounded like fun! I'm not a big pageant gal myself, but there's nothing wrong with getting real dressed up once in a while, so good for you!

Annette Lyon said...

I wish I could see a picture of you all dolled up like that!

And I REALLY hope your knee heals up quick.

MommyJ said...

Ryan is awesomely delightfully shirtless in the movie. Not that I noticed or anything.

I'm so with you on the exhausted entertainment committee feeling. I'm sending two additional children off to school this year, so going from three at home to one at home. I'm ashamed to admit how much I'm looking forward to August.

Erin said...

I'm sorry about your knee! And I want to see a picture of the hooker heels and dress.

I'm done posting for the week too. Have a nice week!

Jillene said...

Sorry about the knee!!

I want to see The Proposal WAY bad--Drive-In is a good idea.

YAY for the gig and especially for selling some CD's!!

I have been to Crystal Hot Springs. It's really nice--except for when you pick up your soda, take a drink and notice something in your mouth. You spit it out, it is a bee and instanly your lips swell to the size of footballs. It's even better when your Dad shoves a bunch of mud in your mouth and you have braces on your teeth. Good times!! HAVE FUN!!

M-Cat said...

1. Dammit on the knee!
2. My dad was bi-lingual so I grew up hearing cursing in Spanish. I like to bust it out every once in awhile even though I know it's equivilent to the F bomb.....

Lara said...

It's not too late to get dolled up again and get a picture taken, you know.

I hope your knee gets better soon!

Mikki said...

Sorry about the knee. That bites!
does anybody even say that anymore? I'm so full of out of date expressions it's pathetic.
Well, hope the week ahead looks up. I like the idea of not turning on the tube in the morning until chores are done. I might have to try that.

Andrea said...

I've never in my life been to a drive-in, I only dreamed of it as a kid after watching the Brady Bunch where bobby goes with Greg on a date to the drive-in and gets the umbrella stuck in the roof of the convertible.

Really? Camping excites you huh? Wouldn't have guessed, unless that was said sarcastically.

Cynthia said...

Wow! Busy weekend.

I'll be interested to hear how Crystal Hot Springs is. I was thinking of day tripping there with my kids but heard it's kinda gone downhill. I'll look forward to your report when you get back so I don't go if it isn't worth it.

Sorry about your knee!

tiburon said...

You rest that knee my dear. And have fun at the family reunion. I am jealous of all these reunions that people go to. I have never really been to one...

Melanie J said...

I'm totally stealing the household word curses.

Son of an oven!

That's ery satisfying, actually.

DeNae said...

Trashed house. Check. Bored kids. Check. Going out of my mind. Double check.

Screwed up knee from running too much. UN-check.

I keep telling you, Sher, exercise is gonna kill you.

DeNae said...

...and I'm curious as to how one manages to BREAK a pool the size of the one at Lagoon. Did they drop a building on it?

Tink said...

My dad says the same zany outbursts...things we grew up hearing were "Dirty Dora", "Leapin Lena", "Good Scrud", etc. The embarrassment came when he was color commentating a Big Sky West game on national TV and yelled out "Good Scrud" when one of the baskeball players messed up! Gotta love our parents.

2busy said...

Looks like great fireworks! I gave up running two months ago. I totally miss it, but I don't miss the aches and pains. I have taken up speed walking, biking, and elliptical. The combination seems to still get my happy endorphins up, and I'm still sweating. said...

I love that your dad was saying something "naughty" and he didn't even know it. My brother in law always says ---GOSH A PICKLE MICK A DICKEN. Yup, weird I know. I just ah, swear.
Summer entertainment burn out is a serious condition, so take time for yourself ok.
I probably won't be able to check on you until September with my move and all and needing HIGH SPEED, crap, (that's a decent swear word) I will miss my blogger friends.
till then take care.

wendy said...

whoops, that comment above was ME, me me me. Hey, on your side bar where you list your BLOG LIST --Calico----SHE IS MY NEICE, FYI!!!!!!!!

Chad and Tenaya said...

I hope your knee gets feeling better. Dang I hope I didn't help you mess it up even more, on our last run! Rest it up and get it better. We still need to do City Creek together.

Roger and Stephnie said...

That is amazing you got your kids cleaning so well bright and early-- I will have to try that. It is like pulling teeth around here to try to get that done. I got a kick out of your dad story too. Thanks for sharing!

Kado! said...

Don't you just love when the kids get things done first thing in the morning!!!!