Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

Hey, just a little announcement about my music. First of all, it is now available at Bountiful Music in, um, Bountiful. I'm working on other stores, but that's it for now.
So, do you ever google yourself? Come on, don't lie, you know you've done it. Well, I recently was on iTunes, and decided to look myself up. Well, guess who's album is on iTunes now!
Ah yeah, baby! MINE!! Tell everyone and their dog that you know to go check it out and order some tunes!!
I also recently learned how to play a whole bunch of John Mayer, and Coldplay songs per request for a wedding I'm doing in a couple weeks. It's kind of fun to learn some more "poppy" stuff!
Ok, I have a new crush. Actually it's a way old, like ten year old crush, but it was recently rekindled after seeing this movie:

I mean look at that guy.

Tell me that's not HOT. No? OK, well what about this?

But, even though Ryan (yeah, we're on a first name basis), has grown up and gotten all muscular and stuff, I've had a little crush on him ever since I first saw him in the this show back in the olden days.

Wah? Huh? Where was I? Oh, sorry, I was, uh, distracted.
Now I can't remember anything else I was going to say.
p.s. Don't worry about me. I'm madly in love with my husband. He is the hottest, sweetest, awesomest husband ever. And if Ryan Reynolds ever hit on me, and want to take me as his lover, I'd totally let C come with us. I'm cool like that.
Please disregard any crazy talk you've heard above. It's the sugar withdrawal talking. In fact, I had a minor meltdown on Wednesday. In fact, around 4pm, I crawled in my bed and didn't come out until like 8. Unfortunately, for some reason, my motherly duties weren't taken care of in my absence, so when C walked in the door, there were dishes piled sky high in the sink, sticky orange juice concentrate all over the floor (TJ decided to have a lemonade stand...again), and no clean laundry for C to wear to work today. Plus, I was in a foul mood, and feeling sorry for myself. Why is it that one day you can feel on top of the world and the next day it feels like the whole world is falling apart at the seams? Oh yeah, it could be that I NEED some sugar!
It's been one of those weeks when if I actually had any kind of goodies or sweets in the house, I would have eaten them all gone. Thank goodness, I was in a good mood the last time I went to the store and didn't buy any junk. Even the Popsicles I bought are made from real fruit and have no sugar or artificial sweeteners. They're basically just frozen ground up strawberries.
Poor kids. They have a crazy mother.
As I mentioned before, I recently was playing around on iTunes. I've been afraid to sync my ipod since I got my new computer, because I didn't want to lose any music. I did find out that you can transfer your purchases, which is nice, but you can keep any of the CD's you've uploaded. So, now, instead of 786 songs, I now only have 339.
Now's a great time to get me some new music, so, I really want everyone to play along this week, and give me to good ideas, because I need something new BAD!. I'd put up Mr. Linky, but I don't know how and I'm too damn lazy to figure it out, so here's how to play:
Hit random or shuffle on your music player. Write down the first 10 songs to pop up. No cheating (Ok, I cheat, but only if a Christmas song comes up). Then post it on your blog, and leave me a comment saying you're playing!
1. Love Comes - The Posies
2. Broken Toy - Keane
3. Fearless - Taylor Swift (new download--for KJ, but I like it)
4. Silent All These Years - Tori Amos
5. For Good - Idina Menzel & Kristen Chenoweth - Wicked
6. Running - David Archuleta
7. A Little Too Not Over You - David Archuleta
8. I'm Gonna Find Another You - John Mayer
9. The Gap - Thompson Twins (do you think this song was written about that store?)
10. Come Thou Fount/Hie to Kolob - Sherrie Shepherd (did I mention I'm on iTunes, now?)
Situations - Jack Johnson


2busy said...

I love Ryan Reynolds. Way hunkie! The movie was fun, too...

Sarah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Ryan Reynolds!!! Have loved him since that little sitcom too! I think you should listen to your body. Our bodies crave what they need, if you are craving sugar maybe you should have a little. I don't mean eat an entire tube of cookie dough... but maybe a little bit of sugar would help. Not trying to sabotage you... promise! Hope the next week is a better one!

Erin said...

Did you know that if you set your iPod to manage music manually, it won't sync and then you can keep the songs on your iPod and not lose them? (And in theory if you *ahem* steal music from someone else's iTunes you can plug your iPod into their computer and manually take the songs you want and put them on your iPod? I swear to you I have never done it, but I have heard it can be done.

You inspired my blog post today. Or maybe I should be saying damn you for cursing me with today's post.

Boy, I'm on one today. It's time to close this comment.

But not before I say Ryan Reynolds is hot.

The Garden of Egan said...

Of course you're on iTunes lovey! You're so totally famous! Please remember the little people when you get all big and everything.

Devri said...

You rock! you famous little lady!

And I think you rock even more for cutting out the sweets!

Annette Lyon said...

Those were fun clips to watch; I saw that sitcom when it was on the air.

Way to go on being in the store and on iTunes! Woot!

Jami said...

Do you remember the Halloween episode where they all died? That was so funny.

I had a crush on the other one. Not enough that I remember his name though. I'm lame that way.

Becca said...

Ryan Reynolds---YUM!
(Sorry I've got nothing else, I just can't get past that one!)

val of the south said...

I love that you have Christmas music on your Ipod! I'm pretty sure I'd be too embarrassed to list 10 random songs from mine...though you do have 2 David Archuletas, so I've got nothing to worry!! ;)

I ♥ your blog! (it worked - thanks!)

Did I tell you how fabulous it was to meet you? Well it was!!!

Cynthia said...

He IS a hot guy! I was drooling through the whole movie.

Actually the hubs and I have a list of people we're allowed to leave each other for. For example, if Diana Krall ever comes knocking on our door to tell my hubs she simply must have him and his wonderful drum playing in her life, well, he can go.

I get to ditch him and the kids for Mike Rowe. See how this works?

Ashley said...

I LOVED that movie too, and I thought he was so cute and so hilarious in it!

tammy said...

I love him too. And The Proposal. I saw it once with my friend and am trying to get my hubby to go with me. Which he probably won't do since he saw my post about my crush on Ryan.

Rachel Sue said...

I used to watch that show all of the time. I loved it. (and it was only partly because of Ryan Reynolds. . .)

Jen K said...

okay... so I didn't play your game, but check out Joshua Radin if you haven't before. I love him!
Oh, and I also love Ryan Reynolds :)

tiburon said...

Oooo I know the Posies personally. Nice one!

I have never really been a Ryan Reynolds fan but he is growing on me.

Oh and I think you know I am giving you a double thumbs up learning some Mayer songs. Perhaps you can play them at my funeral. They will be oldies but goodies..

wonder woman said...

I want to see the Proposal, too. ♥ Sandra and Ryan both. And like you, my crush on Ryan began with Two Guys. I wish there was more of him in Wolverine. I smiled when I saw your motorcycle picture of him, but my mouth actually fell open at the pic of him in the field. I think there was some drool. Quite an extreme reaction for me!


Oh -- and that's awesome about itunes and your sheet music!!