Friday, July 3, 2009

Food Diary Journal, Day 2

Ok, just to clarify, I'm not going to permanently keep my diet at 500 calories a day. I'm not stupid. I knew you guys would freak out on me.

My first day was a cleanse day. Besides, I know you all have one day a month when you do that same thing, so don't go judging me. It isn't that different from fasting (other than my reason for doing it). You probably still get the same amount of calories. I just spread them out through out the day, and omit all the greasy, fried, dead carcasses people usually eat for Sunday dinner. I'm still eating breads, and veggies and fruits. The good stuff.

Maybe you don't realize just how much of a sugar addict I am. I'm ornery, tired, depressed, gassy, and I blame it all on the crap I've been shoving down my throat.

I needed something extreme to reset my system. Get the sugar and garbage out of my body.

So, here is my food journal for day 2.

Whole wheat english muffin

Squaw bread
Spring greens salad w/ craisins, sliced almonds, feta cheese, citrus vinaigrette

grilled pepper and mushroom sample from Sam's club

tomato sandwich
Squaw bread
tomato, butter, salt

Calories Fat Sugar Carbs
915 23.2 66.5 161

Exercise: run 4 miles
Cal. Burned 477

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