Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol

How do I begin this post? First, let me say, that the fact that they had Andrew Lloyd Webber last night makes me wish I had auditioned and was good enough to be around and sing with him. I LOVE his music. ALL of it! I'll be honest, I almost wish they had either done it earlier in the season, or had the contestants do two songs, because I was disappointed that we only heard 6 songs.
I think if I got to sing in the that particular week, I would pick "Unexpected Song" from Song and Dance. It's so beautiful. I couldn't find a free recording of it or I would post it. There are soooo many others that I love, too, though

That said, here is the shocker of the week. Brace yourselves, (Motherboard, you might fall off your chair)

I think I might be moving over the dark side of David Cook fanism. Last night, he was amazing! He proved to me that the boy can sing! I liked him better, than as the rocker he's been, despite Simon's comment to the contrary. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually liked him last night.

Althought I do have to say, the I still LOVE David Archuleta the best. He was definitely the most original, turning "Think of Me" into a pop song. At first, I was nervous because I love that song so much, but he definitely pulled it off!

Now, sadly, I have to mention Brooke White. She has been my favorite through out the competition. I love her folky style. I think if I were ever to grow younger and audition for Idol, she would be the one I would compare myself to. But, I think, that the competetion has become too big for her. She lets her nerves show every week, and although I still love her voice and her style, I think it's catching up to her. I don't know if she'll last much longer...I wouldn't be surprised if she goes home tonight. It's either her, or the dreds guy...Jason...what's his name?
Yeah. him.


Smith Family said...

I have to agree with you. We watched last night and I have always liked Brooke White, but after last night, she probably will be going home. Austin is a David Cook fan. I like him and David Archelleta. I never thought I would be an American Idol fan but the more I watch it the more I like it. Too bad you're too old to try out.

The Jensen Family said...

I agree with your review of the contestants. David Archuleta is my favorite but I also like Brooke. I actually really liked Michael, but he was voted off a couple weeks ago. Brooke probably will go home tonight but I think she has the potential to make a great record.

Love Klan said...

Sherrie- I love it! I can't believe Brooke didn't go home last night, although I wasn't too sad to see tatoo girl go home! Hopefully you watched it and I didn't just spoil it for you, but I loved your assesment of all the contestants!

Shepherd Family said...

I am SHOCKED! I was relieved that Brooke didn't go, but actually disappointed that Jason was safe. He's overdue to leave. Plus, I think the two strongest performers where the bottom two. So, who know, maybe they'll both go to Broadway after this.

Peggy said...

I'm sorry to say I haven't watched a single episode this season. I was totally addicted last season. I've been too caught up in The Biggest Loser, I guess... (and glad to see Ali win that one!)

The Jensen Family said...

I was SHOCKED that Brooke didn't go home too! I was really hoping Jason would go home. He drives me absolutely crazy!! Why is he still there?! I

The Motherboard said...

I also thought that 2 of the strongest performers were in the bottom 2! I think that Brooke's face last night sort of summed it up... she was expecting to get the boot too!

You're too funny about David Cook! He did a good job, i just like him better as the rocker. I guess i like bad boys?! :>)

Thanks for your help with that song for the YW... you are simply amazing!