Friday, April 25, 2008

Ode to the Monkeys

Computer is wigging out! I turned it on this morning and my disk drive keeps opening and closing on its own. (I think my computer is possessed). Actually, this isn't the first time this has happened. I think it's my security software trying to tell me to back up my system. I have already done this. Twice. In the last month. Both times it was because I couldn't stand the opening and closing anymore, so I just started putting disks in. But it takes A LOT of disks to back up the hard drive, so I don't have any left. I'll just have to hurry up with this post, so I can turn off my computer. Have you ever wondered why the heck we need a mouse pad anyway? Well, I have. The other day, I discovered why, when I walked past the computer to find the mouse pad in a hundred different pieces scattered all over the desk, floor and keyboard and a pair of scissor nearby. Hmmm. TJ!!!!!!
He is my little Mr. Scissors. I guess I got the Mother's curse, because I remember my mother calling me Miss Scissors when I was about that age. In fact, when I was 3, I cut a hole in the back of not one but two brand new 2 weeks old couches. I have never lived that one down. Back to the point, the mouse doesn't roll without something under it. It just doesn't work. So, now I have a piece of paper under it, and it'll do until i get a new mouse pad.

My hubby is out of town right now. He's only gone for one night (last night) but that's enough for me to go off the deep end. Twice this week, during piano lessons I have lost TJ. He is a wanderer. Tuesday I couldn't find him anywhere, and then thought to look in the Cox's sand box. They live on the street behind us, 3 doors down. TJ wandered through the backyards until he gets to their house. I don't know why he always go there. We have a sandbox here. I guess their's is cooler. I wouldn't mind so much, except he NEVER tells me where he is going.
Yesterday, my friend Lisa called while I was doing piano lessons, and said,"Did you know TJ is here?" Lisa lives 2 streets over and way down the block. It's kind of far for a 4 year old to wander on his own. I didn't even know he'd left. What a marvelous Mom I am! I have decided I need to get a babysitter while I do piano lessons. Because, It..IS..NOT..WORKING!!!!
So, needless to say, last night I totally lost it. Peter was having one of her tantrums, TJ was spacing out and refusing the listen as usual. KJ was trying her hardest to be good (bless her heart). I just completely lost it. Yelling and screaming..."I'VE HAD IT!!!" Poor kids. By the way, this little episode happened while we were trying to gather for family prayer. Yes, I know, a little ironic. So, I was telling my visiting teachers this story this morning, and Gayle says basically that I had a tantrum just like Peter was. Hello! She was joking, but holy cow, it totally put it in perspective for me! I'm always running around ranting and raving...why should my 2-year-old be held to a higher emotional standard than I hold myself?

I got my cousin, Stacey, the queen of tags. Since my poor children think that they are living with the Wicked Witch of the West, I should do something to pay tribute to them for all of their patience.

5 things About:

1. KJ: I can already tell that she is one of those people who is good at everything she tries. She's already got her green belt in Karate, and is working toward her brown belt (as soon as I start letting her do sparring). She LOVEs to sing, and dance and is always doing some kind of tumbling or gymnastics or making up dances. She is at the top of her class at school and is reading like a pro! She is so smart!

2. KJ is very friendly and outgoing. She has made this one little friend in her class who she just adores. She loves going out and playing with friends and will make friends everywhere she goes. She has always been my little social butterfly.

3. KJ loves her treats and has memorized the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. She can make the whole thing all by herself. I have come into the kitchen several times to a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough all made, and the three little monkey crowded around the mixing bowl, munching. Although I don't like the mess, I love this sight, when all three of them are sharing something together and enjoying each other. I LOVE that!

4. She is so nurturing with her little sister. She helps Baylie get dressed a lot and includes her in her play. She is kind of going through a "boys have cooties" stage right now so she struggles with TJ, but every so often they get going on some funny thing and have each other rolling with laughter.

5. KJ is THE biggest Daddy's girl in the world. She has Clint's cell phone # memorized, and I'm prettty sure she calls him several times a day behind my back. She LOVES her Daddy! When he's home they are pretty much inseparable. She always wants to pamper him: walk on his back, give him pedicures, scratch his hair. I think she has ulterior motives, though, because he pays her in M&M's.


1. TJ marches to the beat of his own drum. While this may pose a challenge sometimes as his mother, I really Love that quality about him. He is his own person, and nothing anyone can say or do is ever going to change that. He has this quiet confidence about him that is so precious. While sometimes this quality in him makes him want to be naughty, I never want to stifle that individuality that he has, because I LOVE that about him.

2. I have the most amazing and entertaining conversations with TJ. He says the cutest things. And sometimes the things he says are down right insightful. I would Love to get in that little head and see what is going on in there.

3. TJ is so full of Life and energy. I've never been able to keep up with him. He is a busy boy, and it's fun to see him when he gets with other little boys to play. Being surrounded by girls all day, he doesn't get a lot of Man to man time, so when he does its fun to watch him Let it rip!

4. TJ is a Mama's boy. Probably to the extreme that his sister belongs to her Daddy. He Loves to cuddle and more often than not he wanders into my room in the night so he can cuddle. Sometimes its nice to just sit and hug him, and just have a little chat.

5. TJ is my very best eater. He loves healthy food, too. Today he wanted eggs for breakfast. He also loves oatmeal, all sorts of veggies and shrimp! He LOVES shrimp. I guess he needs fuel for all the energy he burns!

Peter Suzy

1. Peter is my shy, quiet little sweetheart. She is content to just play by herself, but she loves to follow her big brother and sister around. She wants to badly to be like her big sister that she gets excited when she sees "Hannah Hontanatana" (Hannah Montana). She is so easy going and just goes along with whatever we are doing, mostly without complaining.

2. One word. Princess. Peter is our little princess. She is obsessed with Ariel. She has Ariel everything. She Loves to play dress up, or play with anything to do with princesses.

3. Peter has these little facial expressions that she does. Hopefully i can find a pictures to show you. She has the cutest little cheesy grin. And I love her little talking. Today, I told her to be big, and she said, "no, I little"

4. She, also, is a Mama's girl. She, usually won't have anything to do with anyone, except Mom. She also likes to sneak into Mom's room in the night and is happier sleeping on the floor in my room than she is in her own bed. She is my little shadow and follows me around everywhere. She is a fun little companion.

5. Peter loves to play outside. We got a new trampoline for Christmas and she is almost always outside jumping. Even when it's cold. She comes and asks for her coat and shoes and she's read to jump. She always enjoys jumping on the couch, chairs, beds, and occasionally her Mom & Dad.

There you have it. Was this a long enough post for you?

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