Monday, April 21, 2008

This & That

I'm catching up on getting pictures off of my camera, so I thought I'd post some. I decided that instead of doing 12 different posts for each different activity, I'll just post all the pictures and try to keep the talking to a minimum. (Yes, I know, that is very difficult for me)

This is the monkeys at the Jazz game we went to about a month ago.

Kennedie trying on some false eyelashes. She's 6 going on 26.

Me and Kennie with my sweet little neice Presley. I have one thing to say about me in this picture. Have you ever seen the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? You know, the really old cartoon one? I look like the crazy short lady at the dance who giggles and the guy can't get rid of. Do you remember her? Come on, you have to admit there is a striking resemblence.

Kennedie and Baylie holding Presley (respectively)

Kennedie's corn rows. She wanted her hair braided so it will be "krinkly" tomorrow

I have more pictures of when we went to the zoo, but I just decided I will do that in a separate post.

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