Friday, April 11, 2008

Random 10 Friday

I was watching the news this morning while I ate breakfast, and the weather man said it's supposed to get up to 79 by Monday! 79 DEGREES! Can you believe the high will be something like 48 today and in three days it will rise 30 degrees? (Only in Utah)
That actually makes me so excited for the weekend! My first thought was that maybe I can run on Saturday morning without 12 layers of clothing!
I think I might take the kids to the park, or go on a bike ride or something.
I wish there was no school on Monday, and we could just go play outside all day.
(Isn't it terrible when it's the Mom wishing school was out.)
I'm actually feeling myself get excited for school to be out. The kids and I had some a great summer last year. I pulled them out of all their activities and we just swam at the pool and relaxed everyday.

The thought of just taking it easy and not running around like a crazy person all the time sounds soooooo appealling.
Tonight, Clint promised me that he would be home early from work today, and we both agree how "exciting" it sounds that we have NO PLANS. Isn't it pathetic when we actually have an evening with no plans and we're excited.
We both thought that it sounds so nice to just be home with the family.
I took the kids to the store last night (because Clint was working late, as usual) and bought them some perler beads. Have you ever seen them?
Holy Cow! If you want to entertain your kids for hours and hours (without the TV) than perler beads is the way to do it!
They've already made a few lovely creations, and all they want to do today after school is play with their beads.
I love it! (I'll admit, I think they're kinda fun, too)

Here's hoping this weekend is peaceful and relaxing.

My Random 10 List:

1. Please - The Kinleys
2. Donde Estas Corazon - Shakira
3. That's Where It Is - Carrie Underwood
4. What It Takes - Wynonna
5. Good Times - Edie Brickell (this is the perfect song for this weekend)
6. Meet Me Half Way - Kenny Loggins
7. No One Needs to Know - Shania Twain
8. This Woman - Shedaisy
9. I Miss You - Miley Cyrus
10. Lay Your Hands on Me - Bon Jovi

Another Rainy Day - Corinne Bailey Rae (I hope not)


Peggy said...

I am so excited for it to finally be warm (and stay that way) too. But I am not ready for school to be out. My kids fight way too much when they are all home--it is so much easier when they are separated! We will have to get together and go swimming again this summer though!

The Jensen Family said...

I can't wait for the weather to warm up too! March and April always seem to drag on and on with cold, wet weather. I also can't wait for school to be out! I'm totally depressed I have to go an extra two weeks. Oh well, hopefully it will go by fast!

Meldrum Mob said...

I love when we don't have plans sometimes too! It is nice sometimes to be able to say you are doing nothing! I can see how you would want your kids to be home to go outside with! I can't wait for it to get warm to go outside, wee are all going crazy inside when it still snows every other day!