Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Success...AT Last!!

I think we might, finally, have Peter on the road to being potty trained. Sunday afternoon, after the last conference session, we decided to send the kids in for a bath. I went in to make sure everyone got in OK, and Peter had gone in her little training potty...of her own will and choice! I made a huge deal about it. Well, since then she has been wearing underwear (adorned with Ariel, her favorite) and going on the potty. She's only had one accident today, and one yesterday. HOORAY!
I'm so proud of her. When she starts to fight, which she tends to do, if we try to get her to do something she doesn't want to do, I remind her of her potty treats. I promised her I would get her a Barbie if she can stay dry all day with no accidents. Once I remind her, she is all excited.
We've read a LOT of stories in the john in the last two days.


The Motherboard said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!
Congrats! You will enter a zone once she is potty trained. I forgot how liberating it is to have all your children be able to take care of their own potty needs. Seriously. I really did forget, and had to be "gently" reminded by the pediatrician at the hospital that babies don't change their own diapers.
No! Really??! I felt like a total hoser!
Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I haven't even thought about starting Natalie. Especially not with a new baby coming soon. With Kate we put a new Barbie above the potty to keep her 'eye on the prize' and it worked too! Way to go Baylie!

Meldrum Mob said...

She might be embarassed by that picture when she gets older, but I would be because she looks so darn cute! Thats awesome!