Friday, June 6, 2008

Peter's Birthday!

Yesterday, for Peter's Birthday, we took the kids, and our cousin MM, and our next door neighbor AW to the Build-a-Bear store in the mall, and let them "build" a friend.
I got a lot of comments like, "Wow, you're brave to come to the mall with ALL those kids!" My thoughts: I only had 2 extra. I didn't think 5 kids was really that many. I'm surprised people were so astounded by it. I mean, this IS Utah!
Anyway, that night we had a little cake and ice cream party with Grandma and & Grandpa, and Aunt and Uncles and cousins.
I spent 2 hours yesterday making a Little Mermaid cake, upon Peter's request. I really enjoy decorating cakes, and I think I'm getting better, yet still nothing compared to you Holly! (p.s. Holly my cousin is a pro cake maker and does weddings. She's amazing--Holly do you still do that? I should hire you for my kids birthdays from now on!)

Since I took so many pictures, here is a slide show of the main event!

Ok. I'm dumb. I can't figure out how to do text and the slideshow in the same post. But here it another post.

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