Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing Catch up

I've been meaning to post for several days now, and I'm finally getting around to it. I should probably do several posts, because this post will have several random thoughts in it. Feel free to skim. I have time tonight because I just dropped off my kids about an hour ago with my sister-in-law Barb. She's taking them all to the drive-in to see Kung Fu Panda (everyone except Peter). My kids are sooo excited to see that movie. It's been hyped A LOT at karate.

You'd think this would give me and Clint more time together. But even without the kids (Peter asleep), we are still thrust into our ritual habits of me at the computer and he is downstairs watching the NBA finals. Go Celtics! (NO, I'm not really a Celtics fan, just really, really don't like the Lakers) But, I still don't care enough to actually watch the game. I can only watch if the Jazz are playing. And only if they are playing in the playoffs. Yeah, I'm a fairweather fan like that.

p.s. speaking of sports, we get to take the kids to the Bees game tomorrow night. Fun! Fun! It's funny. We went to a Bees game a couple of weeks ago, and on the way, I met the people who bought our fan in Salt Lake to make the exchange. So, TJ keeps saying that we left our van at the Baseball game. He really wants us to go get it back. My kids, for some reason, get attached to our cars. KJ still talks about the Explorer, which we sold when I was expecting Peter. I'm surprised she even remembers. She was only 3 when we sold it!

Off of one tangent, onto another....I'm really surprised at how "busy" we've been since school got out. But it dawned on me today that the reason is that the kids have been our of school, and therefore home all the time, and therefore making lots and lots of messes. So, I'm only busy because I'm cleaning up crap ALL THE TIME!

Speaking of cleaning up crap, Peter is now officially potty trained! Hooray! Yesterday after going to the grocery store, we stopped at the snow cone stand and let the kids get a snow cone. I wouldn't let them back in the car, so we sat in the parking lot and ate them. Peter said she needed to go potty, so we went into the store and let her go. This is not only the first time she has actually told me she needed to go, but the first time to went on a public toilet, and on a big potty. (She usually goes on the little "training" potty at home).

This event lead me into chain of thoughts: First, this is the last rite of passage into "kid"hood, from babyhood. And since she just turned 3, all of sudden, I have been stripped of my baby, and now there is NO baby at my house. Just 3 KIDS! I have had a baby at my house for the last 6 1/2 years! This is one epiphane that has really left me very sad, and contemplative. Could this really be the end of my baby stage? Instead of being elated, though, I'm just sad. All I can think about since that moment of inspiration is getting my hands on one of my baby neices! Jess, Kat, Stacie: I really, really NEED your baby! Just for a little while...to appease my baby hunger. Then I'll give her back, I promise!

On to another random thought...I just finished reading New Moon. Holy Cow. I'm really into this series now, and I can't wait to read the third book. My thoughts: I really like Jacob, and I actually found myself a little disappointed when she ran off to find Edward 5 seconds after Jacob almost kissed her. I mean, come on! He's warm, sweet, sincere....Edward is so cold, and seems distant. I don't think their love is all that believable. Oh yeah, sorry about all the spoilers, if you haven't read it.

I have more, but I'm going to do it in another post....


Smith Family said...

I'm glad you post so much on your blog. I enjoy reading your random thoughts. The kids haircuts are really cute. I need to cut Paityn's hair or at least her bangs. It seems like her hair is always in her face. And since school got out we never comb it. I would be happy to let you hold my baby to get your fix. but, lately she only prefers one person, me. So good luck with that. We really need to get together sometime.

Stacey said...

I like these random thought posts! That is crazy to think about...no more babies. Sounds like Nick and I I at the computer and he is asleep. Did they like Kung Fu Panda? Mitchell really wants to see it!

The Jensen Family said...

I'd be happy to let you borrow my baby. However, I should warn you that she will throw any object you give her, watch out! Actually Ava loves to play with your kids. Every time they're together she is always laughing.

I know how the Twilight series can be addicting. You are just like my sister, she likes Jacob better too. We always argue about the subject because I like Edward better. Anyways I just finished The Host and thought it was pretty good. If you want to borrow it, let me know.