Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Glass Castle--Sherrie's Review

Thanks to a miserable bout with the stomach flu today, I finished the book I'd starting reading this week.

This book was the book of the month for May for my blogging book club. I know I'm a little late, but I finally read it.
Here's my review:

Before I read this book, I read a bunch of reviews about it, so went in with some expectations. The only main theme I'd heard it that it makes you feel that Ok, I'm a good parent, and anything you do to your kids can't be THAT bad.
When I first starting reading it, I starting thinking, maybe I am that bad of a parent after all, because some of these things they are teaching their kids, I actually kind of agree with...such as, being independent, and not accepting handouts, learning to be tough, and not crying over everything that happens.
But, as I got further on in the story, and the father's alcoholism kept getting worse and worse, and the kids had to actually pay the bills and take care of the parents, I started getting frustrated with them.
I mean, every Mom doesn't feel like getting out of bed somedays, but everyday?
And a Dad who refuses to work, and can't afford to put food on the table, but somehow found plenty of money for booze and hookers.
And when the girls were molested by their uncle, the non-chalant, apathetic response they received from their parents was sickening.
I applaud the kids of this family for growing up and getting out and making a life for themselves....

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