Monday, June 23, 2008

The Cold, Hard Truth

After being gone all weekend, running in the Ragnar relay (I'll post about that later), coming home and crashing all day, Sunday, the house was completely TRASHED!
So, this morning after a dentist appointment, the car wash, and karate, the kids and I spent A LOT of time scrubbing and cleaning, and more or less playing catch-up on Crap. Then we had our daily ritual of playing at the pool! Then, we came home, and cleaned the church for family night. NOt so fun. But it feels good to get it all done.
So, my friend, Amy tagged me. I really liked this tag because it's a picture tag. And it is so brutally honest. You can't hide from it. Okay, I sort of cheated, because I read her blog last night, and did ALL my chores before blogging today on purpose so that everything would be clean, but still there are some things revealed that I more or less would have kept what is inside my fridge, for instance.

Here goes:
#1: Post a picture of you Favorite Shoes:

It HAS to be my running shoes! They've been VERY good to me and I love these pair! Brooks Radius! Major arch support and very cushioned and comfy. Plus, I LOVE that they're purple!

#2: Post a picture of your favorite room:

I have 2. First the kitchen, because I spent most of my time here and of course, this is where the FOOD is. And my bedroom. Because that's where I go to relax. I'm a little embarrassed to post a picture of this on the internet...not because I'm all private about it, because I'm not. It's just...I dunno..embarrassed...ok maybe it is because it's my private space. You should feel very priveledged to be seeing my own personal mess.

#3: What the kids are doing right now:

It's dinner time, Ok well, past dinner time (we are waiting for the pizza delivery guy...I know, I'm SUCH a good Mom), and the kids are outside riding bikes in their swimsuits. I know....don't you just LOVE summer?

#4:Post a picture of yourself as you look right now:

Okay, this is really scary. This is my self portrait, after not showering today, going to the pool, and then cleaning the church. Notice the signature curly frizz I ALWAYS have going on. But, Look how shiny clean my teeth are after going to the dentist today!!

#5: Post a picture of your kitchen sink:

I almost took of picture of this last night. Keyword: Almost. It was Pretty scary. So, this is what it looks like right after I clean. This is not indicative of a typical day in my kitchen. Usually it is full of sippy cups, plates with leftover "cheese tacos" and cucumber peels.

#6: Post a picture of your toilet:

Lucky for you, I cleaned today. This is my cleanest toilet. The half bath by the mudroom by the garage. It's used the least, so it stays clean. You really don't want to see any of our other bathrooms. S.C.A.R.Y.

#7: Post a Picture of your Laundry Room:

Yikes! This room, I didn't clean, except that I actually did some laundry today, so there isn't such a huge mountain of dirty clothes as before. Note my lazy habit of piling everything on top of the washer. I've only had this front loader for a month, and already, I don't think I could live without it! LOVE IT!!

#8: Post a picture of inside your fridge:

This is where the bitter truth comes out. Notice the plethora of Slim Fast, Cherry Coke, Gatorade, Red Bull, and bottled water. These are my staples. Yes, I'm terrible about drinking most of my meals. Please note: This does NOT include any of Clint's stuff. He has his own fridge in the basement.

#9: Post a picture of inside your closet:

You couldn't tell to look at this, but I actually cleaned out my closet last week. Now you know, I don't color coordinate everything. But I do have system in my chaos, and usually, I can find stuff.

So, there you have it. My secret chaos! I feel so naked, now!
So, come join in! This is fun! I tag everyone out there that wants to do it!
If you are looking for something to blog about and haven't blogged for awhile (hint, hint, you know who you are), then this would be a great excuse to do it!

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