Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today, I got to sub as ward chorister in Sacrament meeting. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, because when else can I sit quietly, during the sacrament, and enjoy the spirit, while my husband wrestles ALL THREE KIDS in the back of the overflow? That was kind of a rotten Father's Day Present. I'm sorry, Clint. But, it was really nice for me!
Actually, while I was sitting up there, with all that time to think and pray. I looked out into the congregation, and spotted Clint way in the back, doing a fabulous job at keeping the kids somewhat still.
As I bowed my head after the sacrament prayer, I found myself praying in gratitude to be so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man.
He is so sweet and loving and supportive to me. He puts up with my "crazy", and still finds the heart to laugh at me, YES, he laughs at me, when I'm depressed. That sounds insensitive, but it puts me back into perspective.
He has such a great attitude toward life. He can make any situation into a joke, and laugh about it. Only someone with that much joy can fill up the empty space for someone as broken as me.
That's what he does for me. He fills up my empty spaces and makes me whole. Holy cow, this is getting a LITTLE CHEESY. Oh well, I don't care. (This way he can't make fun of me for being sappy)
He is seriously THE most awesome father to my children. First of all, he's so much fun with them. He teases them to no end, but I think that's good for them, so they know how to handle it in the real world, plus it gives them a sense of humor. He's so loving with them. He won't admit it, but I think he's a big ole pushover. When it comes to the girls, he is putty in their hands.
He is always so supportive to watch the kids whenever I need an out, to run, or whatever.
He works so hard to support our little family. Sometimes, he works a little too hard, if you ask me, but he loves his job and he does it well, and I'm so glad that it makes him happy.
And, not to mention, he is one HOT DADDY!

I honestly don't think I could possible ever find anything better. I feel truly lucky to be married to such a great guy.

Happy Father's Day Clint!


Jen said...

I will also be doing a sprint first and possibly only.. They used to do one in September up at Pineview, but I heard they changed it from a sprint. There is a pool one in Salt Lake I think the first weekend in September. I might do that one... I can swim, but it's different to swim in a lake I'm sure rather than a pool. I'll get you more detailed info if you are interested

Peggy said...

Thank heavens for wonderful husbands!