Monday, January 26, 2009

Bucket Filler

If you can't ignore your unhealthy thoughts completely, then work on changing them so they're more positive.
If you have something you've struggling with and its getting you down, or just can't quite seem to master that one task. Whether your trying to make it up that hill, or make it through the week, positive thinking will help you through.
You can do it!

Do you have negative thoughts that sabotage your healthy lifestyle? Share them below and tell me how you rise above them.


queen~e said...

I keep a handwritten list of positive reminders on my fridge. I see it often and it reminds me of the way I want to think.

wonder woman said...

"grumblegrumble Gotta clean my house grumblegrumble" has turned to "Beautify my space." Well, most of the time.

DeNae said...

Sherrie, this may be obvious (I'm new to Blog World and you may already be doing this) but have you considered turning these Bucket Fillers into a hard-copy day book? I'm pretty sure they would sell, and you would get both spiritual perks for helping people, and a little temporal perk to keep the wolf from the door!

(I don't have negative thoughts; they just slide right out onto my blog...)

I've said it before, but it's true: You're a gem.

Melissa said...

I battle the negative thoughts all day long as I am sure others do to.
Phone calls, texts and emails to BFF's that let me vent and vent back to me is helpful. Sometimes, though the thoughts just have to work themselves out.
Thanks for the bucket filler! You are amazing!

2busy said...

I have to totally block out the negative. I have turned away from friends who were too negative. I know, not something to brag about. But, if they aren't uplifting then they aren't worth keeping. The tough part is when it is family.

Tink said...

This came in a timely way. Our office is getting shut down, which means I will be job hunting soon. So I've had a lot of fear and negative thoughts bringing me down. Now I just need to remind myself that all will be fine.

da Bergs said...

I just sing, "No one likes a frowny face, change it for a smile... make the world a better place by smiling all the while"!

Mikki said...

It's amazing--the power of positive thought. Something I have to keep working at, but I have noticed that when I change my thoughts into more positive ones, the outcome is always better.

heather said...

Ah. You got the bucket filler! :) I love those!

And I'm so glad you're in!