Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching the Bucket

This month I am honored, and a little freaked out, to have the opportunity to "catch the bucket."
My dear friend, Motherboard, tossed it to me. If you aren't following her over at Crazyland, and don't know about her amazing Bucket Fillers, well, first of all, you should go follow her and read her blog. She is amazing. Every day, she posts some little tidbit of inspiration for all of us admirers of her to live by. And now, she's passing that privilege over to me.

And I'm feeling incredibly unworthy to be filling such big shoes (not that she has big feet...oh you know what I mean). It's daunting, this prospect of doing the bucket fillers. Because I don't consider myself to be all that inspiring, or inspired for that matter. But, I will share the things in my life that bring me joy, and hopefully you will get something from it too!

So, without further adieu, for today's bucket filler, I'm cheating and using the quote that I posted yesterday.

"Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured." - Gordon B. Hinckley

Today is the last day of holiday break before the grind begins again. Go do something fun with your family. And ENJOY your day!!


Lisa Loo said...

I just came from Motherboard---I am excited to get to know someone new through these bucketfillers. I will have to come back when I have a minute to see all your other blogs and stuff. Happy New Year!

VICKI IN AZ said...

How appropriate and well said as always President Hinkley is awesome!!
Happy New Year!!

Erin said...

You are very brave. I thoroughly enjoy reading the bucket fillers, and I would freak out if anyone even suggested that I take over. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Jan said...

Excited to hear your thoughts. E did such a great job. You will so enjoy doing this.

Motherboard said...


I did just that today! It was a blast! Thanks for asking!

You will be amazing! You like totally ROCK at every stinkin' thing you do!

Merrianne said...

Sher! You are going to be a Great person for the Bucket Filling!!! :) I am really looking forward to what you are going to do with it :)

Melissa said...

One of the best quotes ever! Nicely done for your debut.
And, I am excited to have my bucket filled frequently here.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hey Sher,
I have been on a much needed blogger break but I am up and running again. I wanted to run over here and thank you for your prayers for Ronnie and baby Noel...They are doing wonderful.
I do hope you and your darling family have a blessed and happy New Year!
Have fun with that bucket girl! You will do great!

debilyn said...

So, I just went over to Motherboard's place to see what it was all about and TOTALLY loved the idea!

My two cents?? I think you'll be FANTASTIC! You're already off to a rockin start =)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Congratulations on getting the bucket. I love motherboard too. She is awesome. And you have a beautiful blog too!

High Five!

Mikki said...

Wow!! What an honor!! Motherboard is awesome. I think you'll do great at the bucket filler too, you're already off to a great start!!! Congrats! I can't wait to read all your posts this monty.

tammy said...

You will do awesome!

Great filler. We took the boys to a movie and went and hung out at Grammy's after yesterday.

Julie said...

Hi!! I am a new reader. I absolutely LOVE this picture of that Golden Retriever. It really brought a smile to my face. hehee! The quote is amazing too. :)

Me said...

I clicked over after finding out you have taken over the Bucket Fillers. I enjoyed them so much when they appeared over at Crazyland, that I hope you don't mind me stopping in to see them here!