Thursday, January 15, 2009

My OTHER Blog....

Did you know I have another blog?

One dedicated completely to pimping my music? If not, well go check it out!

Okay, okay, there's not much to see there, yet. So far, I've just been updating my progress on my album production, but I just want to get the word out now, so that when this whole crazy process is done, you can come over and buy a CD, or book a show.

And, please, please tell your friends!!

p.s.... I may or may not include something to do with my music for my blogiversary giveaway coming soon.

So, go check it out!!


Tink said...

Yep, I've checked it out and am a follower! High five to ya!

wonder woman said...

will do. just stopping by to say that private practice made me cry tonight. more than once.

devri said...

I have seen it on your side bar before, but I will go check it out fo sho..