Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview Tag

I got tagged by Mikki. I thought this was great fun. She asked me five questions about myself.
Here are the questions and answers.

1. How did you and your husband meet, and how did he propose to you? (two questions in one)

When I was in college, I went to a student ward at the U (I was going to SLCC at the time). I was called as the ward chorister. One day, I was sitting on the stand, scanning the congregation, when I spotted this guy in the back row. He was the handsomest guy I'd EVER seen in my life, and I know this sounds cliche, but I was sure I knew him from somewhere, but couldn't place him. So every week, I'd sit on the stand, and stare in awe at this mystery dream boy. It took me about a month to get up the nerve to even say Hi to him. We'd pass in the hall, say Hi, sheepishly, and then keep moving. I was afraid to say more than Hi, because he was so out of my league. One day, though, he was talking to my visiting teacher, so I seized the opportunity. In retrospect, it was really lame, and totally transparent, but I went up and started talking to my friend, until she introduced me to the boy. He said his name was Clint. We talked for a minute, then went along to class. The next week, was the NBA finals game with the Jazz vs. Bulls, so my roomies and I invited him and his roommate over for dinner and to watch the game. I was still totally intimidated, and was sure he would never see me as more than just a friend. After that, though, we started hanging out a lot, and even though neither of us could admit it, we knew we liked each other. We "hung out" for 1 year and a half. I wanted to get married. He wasn't sure. We were getting lots of pressure from everywhere around us, and I was ready to give him an ultimatum, but was afraid he'd just let me go, so I stuck around.

Finally, in February, Clint said he wanted to celebrate Valentine's day on the Saturday before. He picked me up, brought be roses, then took me out to a nice restaurant. We had a back room all to ourselves, it was very romantic. I think I was mad at him for some reason or other, maybe he was late for the date or something, I can't remember. So, somehow, we got into a fight, and he took me home. At that point, I was sure it was pretty much over. He was never going to decide he loved me enough to marry me, and I should just move on.

The next Monday was Valentines day, and I went to his house after work, made him dinner, and we were finishing up, when he said he loved me for the first time in nearly two years. I was near tears, and couldn't believe it. Then he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes. I was totally reeling. Later, he told me that he had been planning to propose that Saturday night at the restaurant, but didn't because I got mad. Dang me and my temper!

We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary this year.

2. When and how did you gain your testimony of the gospel?

I grew up in the church. I've always had good examples of living the gospel in my parents. And a sense of a testimony. I think the first time, I really felt the spirit testify to me was when I was 12 and getting ready to graduate from primary, and had made a goal to read the Pearl of Great Price. I was reading Joseph Smith's History, about the first vision, and an amazing feeling came over me that I'd never felt before. It's hard to explain, but I'm feeling it again now as I type these words. Feelings of peace, calm, joy, and silent whisperings telling me that what I was reading was true. I remember asking my Mom what I was feeling, and she explained to me that was the Spirit telling me it was true. Since then, that experience has always been a foundation for my testimony. My first real interaction with the spirit, something I could own, that told me I didn't have to rely on my parent's testimony anymore. I had some rebellious years in high school and college, when living certain principles of the gospel were difficult for me, but I've never questioned their validity, or the gospel's truth. In many ways, I believe that going through those rebellious years helped me to understand the Atonement, and after getting through only strengthened my testimony and my relationship with my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

It's an ongoing process. I have times when I start to coast and I can feel myself pulling away from the spirit. I'm lucky to have many people and things in my life that always pull me back in, and I can say today beyond of shadow of a doubt that I know that Jesus Christ lives, and is my saviour, that we have an eternal Father in Heaven who loves us, and that the gospel is true.

3. Of all the places you've traveled to, which one has been your favorite and why?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. Do I have to pick one? My hubby and I get to go on a lot of fun trips through work. We've been to Marco Island, FL, Maui & Oahu, HI, Orlando & Key West, FL, & Cancun. We're going to Big Island, HI this March.

But, I guess my favorite was probably Hawaii. It was my favorite place to scuba dive, so far, we rode bikes down the volcano, we body surfed in the ocean, went whale watching. It was just beautiful and relaxing. But it's not far above Cancun and FL. Honestly, I think they're all pretty close because it's more the experience and the fun people we go with than the place. I do love lying on the beach, swimming in the Ocean, but love the company of friends, and the little romantic getaway with my hubby.

In case you wondered, my dream vacation is to go to Italy. I've always wanted to go there. So much history and art.

4.What would you do if you found out you had only one year left to live?

Seriously, did you have to pick such a hard question? I don't know. I for sure would slow down. Stop being in such a hurry to get stuff done. I'd probably quit worrying about how clean my house is, and spend way WAAAY more time with my kids. I'd sit down and talk to my husband more often and quit watching so much TV. I'd spend every second I could with my family. I'd tell everyone in my life how much they mean to me. I'd probably be more committed to having a real relationship with my Father in Heaven. I wouldn't neglect Him so much. I would talk to him everyday, and thank him that I'm alive TODAY. I'd like to say that I'd share my music with the world, but maybe I can give someone my music, so that after I'm gone, they'll share it for me in my memory.

5. You have a week to yourself--no hubby, no kids--what would you do?
I probably do this all too often. I'm actually doing that this weekend. I'm running a half marathon down in St. George. Every weekend away I EVER take is for a race. And I LOVE it! I love getting away, and the exhilaration of running a race, spending time with the girls, but I always miss my little family and wish they were with me, and I'm always excited to get back home to them.
Sorry, my answers turned this post into a novel. I figure you'd want the details. If not, again, sorry.
So, if you want to be tagged, and do this interview, let me know in the comments, and I will come up with 5 questions for you.


susette said...

Thanks for sharing so much information on this post. It was so great to learn so many fun things about you and your hubby. I love the new pictures of your family on the side. What cuties!! You are inspiring with so many things; running, music, family!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun tag! I loved reading the story about how you met your husband. And I can see why you would be intimidated! He's hot! :)

devri said...

I love this post, I love getting to know people better..

I love you story about how you met your hubby.

You and him make a gorgeous couple.

Troy said...

Wow their is alot I didn't know about you. I love this post.prias

tammy said...

I loved learning all this about you. I love reading how people met and got married.

wonder woman said...

great tag, great answers. loved learning all this about you!

Erin said...

Fun stories! I loved reading and learning about you.

da Bergs said...

I loved theses questions and reading your answers! And, yes, you have a very handsome hubby! (I feel safe saying that since I am so so much older, LOL) And, he must have a cool job... with all that wonderful traveling!!! WHAT DOES HE DO???

Lisa Loo said...

Glad you went for the novel version cuz it was great to get to know you a little better--especially cuz you are going to be all kinds of famous soon!

Mina said...

Great post. It's fun to get to know you a little better. I especially loved hearing about you and your husband. But I really related to #4. I think I'd quite everything extra. Including blogging. Be a TOTAL at home mom.

So I'd do this interview. But I may answer questions in separate posts. Seems like good prompts, though. Throw 'em at me!

in time out said...

love the tag, love the length. thanks for sharing with us. i love tags...come by tomorrow for one if you like, and I would love to be tagged with questions. i have a hard time blogging right now. what do people want...well, more like Im not sure I have anything to say, so I would love questions. thanks!

::Jan:: said...

Very fun and insightful Sher. You have a lovely romance.

DeNae said...

We were at a stake pres dinner tonight and one of the wives (a mom to two of my students, come to think of it) told me she ran that 1/2 marathon, along with several people from my ward. It was a beautiful day for it, if the weather was anything like Vegas! Your answers are beautiful; I'm glad I found your blog!

Mikki said...

Thanks for playing along. I loved reading. I loved reading how you met your hubby, so romantic. Your wedding photo is gorgeous by the way. I don't see how you think you were out of his league-you're a knockout!!!
You're answers to number four made me cry.

Melissa said...

LOVE this post! I love learning about other people and these questions were fantasic. And yes, DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!!

Fun fun!

Melissa said...

PS - if you have some really great 5 questions, I'd totally play along.

Jen K said...

CRAZY, we are going to the big island this March too!

Lara said...

Loved reading about you and your husband's story.

And I am jealous of your love for running. I have tried to love it, but I can't. So, I will have to just continue my quest for some sort of physical exercise I love (or like. I'm not picky).