Monday, January 26, 2009

Please, Excuse me, whileI hit the "mark all as read" button

I haven't been blogging lately. At ALL. Except for my daily bucket fillers, which don't count because I wrote them all at the beginning of the month (thank goodness for the post ahead feature!!)
Life has been a little crazy lately.
Since Friday, my hubby left for California, then my sister came into town, we threw her a rockin' twin baby shower, then I spent all day Saturday playing with my sisters.
My sis looks so great! I can't believe she has two babies in there. She's just this little 5 foot 8 skinny minny, with a beach ball belly. Talk about your super model pregnant lady. I got to feel both of the babies kick. At that moment, I instantly fell in love with my little unborn nieces. And then, when I got home Sunday night, I called C up in CA and told him how baby hungry I am!
He said I always get baby hungry after I spend the day with my three pregnant sisters. Ok that's true, but still.........

Anywho, Sunday night, I had dinner with my family, time got away from me, and we didn't get home til 9:30. Then I talked to C for an hour. I was already exhausted before we talked, so I totally crashed after we hung up. This morning, I woke up at 9:00, still feeling groggy, tired, and dizzy!!! Yikes! So not only did KJ miss the bus, but she had missed the first 20 minutes of school. By the time I got myself, and all the kids dressed and fed, it was already 10:00. So, TJ missed preschool, KJ decided she needed the day off, and I was just too tired to fight with her. Plus, my sister was flying out this morning, was borrowing my crib stuff, so I took it over to her at my mom's, and just brought all the monkeys with me.
At the end of the day, I regret not sending at least KJ to school. She was driving me crazy all day, saying how bored she was. I told her then, you should've gone to school!!
This afternoon, after trying to get things cleaned out in my house, in preparation for my book club at my house tomorrow, and my babysitter coming on Thursday, my sister called saying her flight was canceled because of some major ice storms in OK, and wanted to come over to help me.
With her help we got the upstairs swept, mopped and vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned, the microwave and ovens cleaned, and one bathroom cleaned. I'm sad for her that she didn't get to go home today, but happy that I got to spend more time with her, and so grateful for her help.
Thanks so much Kris!!!

So, I haven't even logged into my blog, or my google read in several days. I logged in tonight and there are 270 unread posts. 270?!!! Seriously, you all must have so much to talk about! I feel bad, and there is a part of me that wants to stay up all night reading blogs, so I can catch up on everything you've been doing. But another part of me wants to just push the "mark all as read" button, and start over (after I get back from FL, of course). Which means, I'll only be that much further behind, because we won't get back til next Monday.
I'll probably read a few, than go read my book, because I still have 100 pages left, and my book club meeting is tomorrow.

So, sorry, if I've been MIA. I'm not trying to neglect you. I'll be back, eventually. After these crazy next couple of weeks are gone.

Go Steelers.


Annette Lyon said...

I was AWOL for about 48 hours and came back to some 147 blogs in my reader. I about had a panic attack. I totally understand!

Kristina P. said...

I go to bed on Sunday night, and wake up to about 123 blogs on Monday morning. No joke.

I just realize that I don't have to comment on every single one. I read, but I don't comment a lot of the time.

Take time for yourself!

devri said...

Don't you fret, I come to your blog because you brighten mine. I am not worried about your comments, I truly enjoy yours and come back for more.. You'll be back when things settle down. I love your bucket fillers, crazymamma does them too, take care, and no worries.

Yep, go steelers.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I totally understand about the numbers! Dang, I'm still over 200 and I've been working at it for days! Tomorrow AM it will back over 300 again! Don't worry! I'll still be reading!
I am now even more worried about you. You're still not feeling well. Could you be prego? :-)

Lisa Loo said...

Whoa baby!! That is crazy busy--and you wonder why you are dizzy??!! So--was that your--prego with twins--sister that came and helped you clean?? Not only is she a super model--but super woman!! I wish I could come to your book club!

Famous Amos said...

Which sister is having twins? I hate when hubbies have to be gone. It makes life so much harder. Hang in there!

Mikki said...

Totally DO IT!! Just push that little button, and don't even stress about it. I can tell you that over on my blog at least, there ain't much going on. I can totally relate to the whole google reader thing. Mine still is sitting way up there in the number of unread posts. I seriously need to go delete a few of the blogs I just never get around to anymore. SO, sorry I'm writing a book here. I'll go now....

tammy said...

You are forgiven. Even if you're rooting for the Steelers.

wonder woman said...

I will be very, VERY mad if you don't read and comment on all my posts. Don't even THINK about it, sista. How rude. I can't believe you'd try to live a LIFE outside of the blogosphere!! =D

Kidding, of course. I added "For Good" to my playlist because I love it so much and listen to it every time I come here.

Sometimes craziness in your life is fun, sometimes it's just crazy. I hope it's more fun than crazy. Good luck this week.

Melissa said...

Whew! I am tired reading all the stuff you did over the weekend!
Enjoy some time off - you deserve it!
Then when your back, I look forward to a fun post about FL