Friday, November 7, 2008

Random complaints.....

Ok, I know I've been all positive on my blog lately. I'm so sorry to have let you all down. Since it's been awhile since I have a good complain session, I just needed to get a few things off my chest.

Then I'll go back to being Thankful.

Ok, first of all. I don't allow people to find my blog by searching on google or whatever. But I recently found out that their is some Indonesian Porn star named Sher something-or-other, and before when I used to allow searches, I'd find people searching for her ALL THE TIME, and would come across mine, when I checked my stat counter. Needless to say, I quickly removed authorization to allow perverts to search and find me by accident.
That said, I'm considering changing the name of my blog. The address will remain the same, but I'll just change the title. I haven't come up with anything catchy, yet, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I was going to copy Mikki and do a big celebration and giveaway for my 200th post. I figured it was coming up to is pretty soon, but had some time to think about it. Well, I guess I blog more than I thought, because this particular post rings me up at 202. Oh well. Maybe I'll do a giveaway to celebrate my 217th post or something. Or maybe I'll wait until my CD is released, then there might be some free CD's to go in the goody bag. We'll see......

Ok. And now, a funny, scary story, in which, I very seriously contemplated putting my 3 year old up for adoption.
Yesterday, KJ went home on the bus with her friend, to play for a few hours after school. At 6:30 or so, I got dinner started on the stove, put on low to simmer, then packed TJ & Peter into the car to go pick up KJ before C got home from work. I pulled in to the driveway, put the car in park, and put on the emergency break. My friend's driveway is very steep. I left the kids in the car, with it running (I know, don't' lecture me...I know), because I was only going up to the door to get KJ. Well, she and her friend wanted to finish their game, and I got talking to her Mom, then TJ came walking in and I lost track of time. Finally, (about 15 minutes later), I decided we'd better get going, because Peter is probably sick of sitting strapped into her carseat in the car.
Well, I went out to discover my car not where I had left it, but down at the end of the driveway with the back sticking out into the street (I drive a big SUV). I freaked! I went running down the driveway, to discover Peter sitting in the middle seat in the front, with a seatbelt on, the gearshift in Drive! and the car was stalled., and the doors all locked. Peter was just happy as could be, jamming out to her tunes. I pounded on the window for her to open the door. She just grinned at me and shook her head. So, I yelled, "Peter you better open the door or I'll come in there and spank your bum!" Apparently my 3 -year old's logic is better than mine, because she didn't flinch at all. So, since my cell phone was in the car, I went back in and borrowed my friend's phone to call C, to have him bring the spare keys. I figure he'd be home or close by now. Well after 4 phone calls, he didn't answer, I resolved I'd have to leave the kids with my friends, run home and get the spare keys, and then run back. I went back out and Peter was now in the drivers seat with the windshield wipers on, and "steering" Finally, I got her to open the door, and we drove home, but boy was I wound up for the rest of the night!
Luckily, no one was hurt, but I can't but think about what could've been. Believe you me, I will NEVER leave my kids in the car with it running EVER again. (My old van used to have a feature that you couldn't pull it into gear unless the brake was on, I guess this car doesn't have that) And I WILL be getting my emergency brake checked out, because apparently it's not doing its JOB!
So, before you report me to the CPS for child neglect, just remember that I do love my children, and I'm trying. Really I am. You can't tell me something like this has NEVER happened to you! Can you???


Ok, just one more, and it's a little serious, but I just needed some input on what to do about it. Don't' be alarmed. I'm sure it's nothing. Maybe I'm just something of a Hypochondriac.
I recently found a lump under my right armpit. Not right in my pit, but down underneath on my side. And it hurts. It's very distinct, and it's not on the other side. So, I googled painful armpit lumps, and tried to find all the reasons I could have a lump other than the most obvious and the most scary. I'm not even going to say it out loud. But it said your lymph nodes in your pits can get swollen or you can get cysts because of a viral or bacterial infection. They used mastitis as an example. I'm telling myself that having a cold counts. That counts, right? I'm thinking I'll just wait a week and see if it just goes away, and if not, I'll go get it checked out.
Does anyone have any experience in the area? Have you ever found a lump or known someone who has? I just need someone to tell me it's nothing, and to not worry about it.
There now. I'm done complaining. Do you want to see some random pictures the kids and I took, while goofing around the other night?


Well, I'll post 'em anyway, just for fun.

BTW, TJ had another belt test for Karate yesterday, and testing for his purple belt. He gets his belt ceremony next week. Way to go TJ!!!


The Forney Four said...

Those pics of your and your babies are so darling. mmmm those are my most favorite moments EVER!

*MARY* said...

I think you should rename your blog "Sher, the prettiest mom in the blorld!"
That might not keep the pervs away, but it's still true.

Kristina P. said...

I've had the armpit lumps before, and I think it can happen when you're sick or under the weather.

Or, you could be dying.

Peggy said...

Wow. Scary story. Glad no one got hurt!

As for the lump thing, I've heard of lymph nodes getting swollen there too. My baby had one on the back of her head that scared me, but turned out ot be nothing. I hope it's nothing for you too. Keep us posted!

Peggy said...

Also, I really like your blog title. But I know what you mean about the weirdos out there. I've been thinking about changing my blog address (so that it is not my name) or going private (although I really don't want to do that cause I have friends who are just too lazy to get a google account.) There's somebody in Kuwait that keeps reading my blog. Weird. Anyway, happy friday. The picture of you and your kids are cute.

Annette Lyon said...

In your shoes, I'd get the lump checked ASAP. It could be nothing, but if it IS something, the quicker you jump on it, the better. Your kids need you to take care of yourself.

(And yeah, every mom has had a moment of, "what if." Glad everything turned out okay.)

tutietutu said...

I have a lump under my armpit too and when I asked my doctor about it he said it was just a gland and that it is normal. But You should have it checked out just in case.

Andrea said...

I don't know if you've ever seen the "blue beast" on the side of our house? Well, it is a BIG 79 Chevy Beauville van. My hubby uses it to haul stuff for his various projects. One day, he had it out front vacuuming dirt out after geting some bushes and stuff for our house, I was in the house getting mommy stuff done, and my hubby came in the house to get a bucket of soapy water. A few minutes later, Spencer comes in the house and said something about Jenna driving the van (she was like 2 at the time). I didn't realize until I went out that she literally drove the van. Out into the culdesac with ALL these kids riding bikes and playing around. So yeah, I know the feeling it could have been REAL bad, but it happens.

Jan said...

Better safe than sorry on the lump thing Sher. And the name of your blog might be a good idea too. I have heard some horrid stories before.

Great pictures of you and the kids. That wasn't funny about the car though. Scary. That second picture sort of looks like you are wearing a graduation cap. Very cute. Good luck with everything.

Jessica said...

I'm always worried about weirdos finding my blog so I thought about going private but I have family that doesn't know how to make an account to view my blog. Anyways I think every mom eventually has a car story like yours. Nate was just telling me about the time he almost ran himself over with the van when he was 4. I guess the van almost backed into the house across the street. I thought it was hilarious when he told me about it but I can see how when your the mom it's not so funny.

Angela said...

Your scary story reminds me of a time when I was a kid and my dad left my sister and I in the backseat of his old Blue Chevy car... his parking break didn't work. When he returned, the car was slowly inching backwards down our driveway. I'm glad no one was hurt!

I'd say get the lump checked too. I had one show up in my neck that turned out to be a harmless cyst. BUT like everyone else has commented, it's better to be safe and get it checked, even if it isn't anything to worry about.

Cute photos - too bad "Batman" only made it in one of them!

P.S. Do you know what the timeline on your CD is???

Queen Elizabeth said...

I don't know what the name of your blog should be but I love the "new" layout (it could be old--- I just usually read through Google reader so I don't see the cute stuff). Hang in there... it's that time of year to feel overwhelmed.

Mother Goose said...

I did something like this to my mom when I was younger. She would always let me pull the emergency break up. One time she didn't she probably forgot and she was bringing in groceries. I figured, I could release the break and pull it back up, well the car took a huge roll and it would not stop with the emergency break. Across a busy road and in the neighbors yard. Yeah, she wasn't too happy with me. I think it was the fright and the embarrassment and the realization of how dangerous it all was. These things happen. So, glad nothing more came of it.

Mikki said...

I'm so glad nothing bad happened with the car. I can imagine how freaked out I'd be. ANd yes, we all have those moments. Maybe not with the vehicle, but with something else.
I've had a few lumps under my armpit, but they were always after giving birth-and due to clogged ducts from nursing. I'd definitely keep an eye on it, and if it's not gone within a few days, get it checked. (this coming from the idiot who still hasn't got the sore on her nose that keeps coming back checked!)
Loved the pictures. Your kids are cuties!
Love the music post down below. That's fun!

devri said...

Go check just to be safe, You are way to cute for me i tell ya!

Motherboard said...

Umm. Go check the lump. Like tomorrow. I need you around to keep me sane!

My sister left her brand new baby and 2 other kids sleeping in the car while she ran into my mom's house-- my Dad came home and watched for 5 minutes and not one person came out-- so he DROVE OFF in her car. When she came out of my mom's she started screaming a horrid scream and went running down the street. My Dad drove around the block and then came back home. My sister was really mad at my Dad, but the lesson was learned.

I'm glad no one was hurt!

I dunno what to tell you about your blog name. Apparently my blog name is also the name of a company that throws wicked awesome RAVE PARTIES... Being the avid rave attender and all that I am, I had no idea... SchA-weet! So, don't take my advice. I would probably pick something worse for you!

wonder woman said...

When I first heard your name, I thought, "That sounds so familiar.....where do I know Sherrie Shepherd from?" Then I realized that she's a View co-host. So I think your title should be something like, "Sherrie Shepherd's blog....but not The View cohost."

Actually that's kinda lame and not as funny as I thought it would be. But A for effort, right?!

My kids LOVE to play in the car. Sometimes they would find my keys and actually PUT THEM IN THE IGNITION. But they never turned the key, thank goodness. And now I have chain locks, so they rarely escape to the car.

Also, it uses more gas for your car to idle for more than 10 seconds than it does to start your car. So I always turn mine off and take the keys now.

But I can TOTALLY see this happening to me.

I'd call your doc/obgyn monday morning. Just in case. Not to freak you out. I have absolutely no exoerience with this, and it sounds like it could quite possibly be no big deal, but just to be safe. Plus, we gotta set up Motherboard on What not to Wear and I need you all healthy for that. =D

Natalie said...

You need to write a book about all the things your kids do. It would be a best seller.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Just for your peace of mind you probably should get the lump checked. My Aunt used to get them when she got sick, but you know always better to get a doctor's reassurance.

You're not a bad Mom. I locked my toddler inside my car once. It was summer. My in laws called 911 because my husband worked 30 minutes away, and it was really hot and we were worried about my son. But my husband got there before the cops. He drove like he's a NASCAR driver to save our baby. I felt really bad but I didn't do it on purpose. All is well that ends well. I learned from that experience to be less absent minded around my kids:-)

Laurel said...

Ever heard that saying, "Better safe than sorry?" Get the lump checked. It's probably nothing, but if it is something knowing about it can only help.

Sorry about the porn star sharing your name. I think it may be possible that I'm getting people with foot fetishes because they are googling "bare feet" and coming to see Griffin standing in a mud puddle. Ewww.

As for the car incident, I get you. I totally get you.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi there,
I agree with everybody to get the lump checked out of course. I would get it checked out but wouldn't fret over the lump itself. They say that if its squishy (you can move it around) and if it hurts it's a good sign. I had one in my breast and it hurt/burned like the dickens and didn't ever go away after three years (the doctors were keeping an eye on it during these 3 years) It hurt more around that time of the month. Anyway, I got so tired of the pain I had a lumpectomy and it was benign. Always better to be saft then sorry. I'm sure yours just has to do with your cold though but go see your doctor. Drinking diet coke also causes sore breasts and lumps (many people don't know that) :)

I have no idea what you should name your blog. I'm thinking about changing mine to Running on Empty! Just kidding! But maybe you can name it after something you love doing... Running, playing the piano, being a good mommy, etc. etc. and throw in a post about your beauty tips...It should be illegal to be as pretty as you are!

Hey...Don't you have a Christmas CD coming out soon?

Krazy Kat said...

You're lucky nothing got hit with your suv! Holy cow, that little one is full of it.

Aislynn said...

My sister-in-law Alesia (your cousin or something) had one not too long ago. It was note scary or anything but the the doctor had to do something for it and then gave her antibiotics. The worse part about the whole thing was that she was allergic to the antibiotic and her entire face and throat swelled up so much she could barely breath and had to go to the ER. But everything was fine shortly after.

kitchenditcher said...

Okay, here's one for you! Your blog is very funny and your name is about "Funny and Sher" (Sonny and cher) Groan.....I know.

You don't want to talk to me about lumps. I'd have it checked out.