Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I haven't written a post for awhile. Yesterday's post, I actually wrote sometime last week, and had forgotten that I'd scheduled it for Monday. So, when I read my email and saw how many comments I'd gotten I was shocked. Then I noticed that it was on the tag post.
I'm completely brain dead for ideas on what to blog about. This is a rare occasion, since I ALWAYS have something to say. I noticed how many of you are taking blogging breaks for the Thanksgiving holiday. And some of you are just quitting blogging all together. Smart people.

Lately, I've been thinking to myself: maybe this whole blogging thing is getting way too out of hand. It shouldn't consume me the way it does. Does anyone else have this problem?

Yesterday, I had a crazy busy day, and didn't even turn on the computer. Not once. It actually felt pretty good. I got a lot done. I did the dishes and laundry, then, my Thanksgiving grocery shopping in the morning, drove my kids to their respective friends' houses and went out to lunch with my lovely visiting teaching partner, Motherboard, and our beautiful friend, Andrea, who we visit teach. It was really nice. I'm loving all the lunches I've been going to lately. I could get used to this life!
After lunch, I had to drive across town to pick up the kids, then saw I had 30 minutes before my neice came over for her piano lesson, so decided to go buy that Christmas tree I saw at Hobby Lobby. (Yes, Robin, I bought a Christmas tree BEFORE Thanksgiving)

The guy helping me to my car was a complete idiot! First, while I was waiting in line to pay, my SIL called to say she was at my house, and where was I? Crap!! So, needless to say I was in a hurry (thankfully she was there when KJ got off the bus). The dude pulled the cart carrying the tree box out to my car, and while I proceeded to help Peter get buckled in he stood at the back, staring. Just standing there staring.
So I said, "Do you need help?"
He said he didn't think it would work. (Keep in mind I drive a full size SUV).
I, frustrated and maybe a little cynical, said, "Oh, then will you just deliver it to my house, then, because it's this car, or nothing!"
Of course, he said they don't deliver. He then walked to the side of the car, and without a word started trying to pull down the center row of seats while Peter was sitting on it in her carseat!! What a doofus!
Exasperated, I said let me do it. So, I pulled Peter out of her carseat, moved it over to the other side, pulled TJ's booster seat out, and pulled the seat down, so he could push the box in. Good thing I only had one kid with me, or I would've been up el creeko. Dumbass.

Anyway, so I cruised home (skipped going to pickup TJ from the neighbor's, even though I was supposed to get him BEFORE my piano lessons), and rushed through my neice's piano lesson. Then left KJ home to babysit Peter (please don't call CPS on me), and went to get TJ at the neighbors' house. Got home to find my Mom there with my brother, ready for his piano lesson.
Everything about my day yesterday overlapped. I just couldn't quite get the schedule together!

Finally, things calmed down a bit. The kids were awesome and helped me clean the house (after I lost it a little bit) Then, Clint brought home a P90X Yoga DVD from work, so for FHE the whole family did Yoga together. Something I never thought I'd ever do with Clint, but it was fun, and crazy hard. That is an advanced Yoga video! But, I loved it! Great end to a crazy day!

p.s. remind me to tell you sometime about why TJ was painted completely green, when I got back from our blogger lunch on Saturday. (Motherboard, care to email me that pic so I can post it?)

p.p.s. also remind me later, to tell you the story about why I am now buying a fake Christmas tree, instead of a real one. Funny story....


Kristina P. said...

Blogging definitely gets overwhelming for me. In fact, I can usually do a lot of blogging while at work, but today was extremely busy, and so I was sort of stressed out that I had a million blogs on my Reader.

Just take a breather!

Peggy said...

Yea, I get a bit that way with blogging too. I don't have as many readers or friends as you do, but now that I have high speed I just can't seem to pull myself away from blog hopping. And waiting for someone to comment. And waiting for my friends to update their blogs. I should probably turn off the computer for a whole day too.

Sorry you had such a hectic day! I hope you have a relaxing Thanksgiving (you're not hosting it are you?)

Jan said...

I have the same song on that you do. We are sisters.

I am taking a break til Sunday. Have a funeral and Thanksgiving to deal with. Oh well. Hope you have a nice break yourself. xxoo

Merrianne said...

Sher! I know the feeling... bloggin can be overwhelming at times. lots of times.

just take a break... :)


i want to see the pic of the GREEN KID!

Erin said...

Man, that was a crazy day! And I think we all feel the same as you about blogging. It's kind of a love/hate relationship.

Annette Lyon said...

You said it so well with the love/hate blog thing. We've all been there. I, too, am taking a break for Thanksgiving!

(And yes, what a total doofus with the tree. Idiot.)

Mina said...

I guess I'm the 7th person to agree that the blogging thing is a two edged sword. I've been writing in my blog for 2 1/2 years with a readership of about 4. It's only been the last couple of months that I've branched out and started to both read others' blogs and get my name out there a little. Part of me loves that more than my relatives and best friends read and comment on what I have to say. But it is a time consuming and slightly addictive hobby. I don't know how long I can manage to keep it up.

(scalif ... where I just moved from)

Mechelle said...

That was a crazy day. Yoga is the best. I am new at it, but I am loving it! Good way to end the day. M

Mikki said...

I definitely feel quite often like I'm too involved in blogging. I've fallen quite behind in my reading this past week. I think a break is not a bad thing.
I'm dying to hear these two stories.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

tammy said...

Every day I think there is nothing left to blog about, and I spend way too much time, and I'm done blogging.

But then I think of how I'll miss everyone I've made friends with. So I'm trying to limit my time, and make sure I get stuff. Then if my "to do" list is done for the day, I can blog all I want without feeling guilty.

p.s. Can't wait to hear those stories.

in time out said...

YES, blogging is addicting, time consuming and overtaking. that said. i had to come check on you. love the blog, love the post, love everything.

take care. happy thanksgiving.